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Islam Way is an amazing website which is following the traces of our (al-Salaf as Saleh) Righteous Predecessors, the site, among others with similar approaches, aims at sound and clearer perception of Islam. Globally transmitting for all Muslims, no affiliation or restrictions of a political ...

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Written in Stone

Having wealth and power is not necessarily a sign that Allah loves you, but being successful in memorizing Quran and applying it in your life surely is.

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A good deed is recorded for them

Doing good deeds is every human goal, specially Muslims to attain paradise... ... more

#5 Seeking Knowledge

Seeking Knowledge

One of the best Sunnahs is the Sunnah of seeking knowledge, for it is the salvation of our Ummah in this world and the hereafter.

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: «Whoever takes a path upon which to obtain knowledge, Allah makes the path to Paradise easy for him» (Bukhari and ...

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On Attending Gatherings Where Knowledge is Sought

Taken from Ibn al-Jawzee's Talbees Iblees, p. 393

"Satan has mislead the masses to believe that attending of religious discourses and raising a wail of woe are highly meritorious acts and the sole purpose of delivering these sermons. This is perhaps because the people have been told ...

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The Fruits of Sincerity in Your Knowledge and Time

Scholars who wrote and sought knowledge sincerely for Allah were granted blessing in their time, lives, and knowledge by Allah, and many people benefited from them. ... more

Faith Without Knowledge is Dangerous

My brothers and sisters in Al Islam, I often say, "Faith without knowledge is dangerous." Please cry out to your Lord in the day and the night, "O my Sustainer! Increase my knowledge." 20:114. Do not let yourself be mislead like those of old nor let yourself fall into the traps of the unscrupulous amongst us who are working so hard to destroy our great religion. ... more

The First To Be Called To Account Will Be the Scholars

From Muhammad ibn Waasi' who said, "The first of those who will be called to account are the scholars." ... more

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