Dealing with the Current Issues

Since 2012-12-05

Dealing with the Current Issues and planning for the future of the Muslims in the light of the prophet’s guidance.

Dealing with the Current Issues and planning for the future of the Muslims in the light of the prophet’s guidance.

1- Every time we read the life of the prophet (peace be upon him) we learn from it, it is not only meant for entertainment, there could be an element of entertainment in listening or reading about it but the real wisdom behind studying it is to be able to equip ourselves with so much benefit and wisdom by learning from the prophet so that we can deal with today's world in the best way and practice Islam well, and by that we can be the servants that Allah is pleased with.

2- The prophet (peace be upon him) was never caught up in the trap of urgency, he never resorted to an irresponsible action against the people of Quraish, he realized if he were to do that this would mean the end of Islam forever, he kept calling people to Islam, and he was doing a marvelous job, his Dawa'h was so successful, people were coming to Islam even though they knew that they were to join the camps of torture yet his long-term-strategy, and sincerity in calling to Allah brought people to Islam and made a huge difference. We have to learn from his example, we will never be able to change the state of the Muslim Ummah if we keep ourselves caught in the trap of urgency, because in such a state we are unable to read the consistent and the settled patterns that are running and leading the affairs, so any sense of urgency it won't be appropriate if we don't have a-long-term-strategy, because of many things, some of them are:

  • Our reaction won't be in proportion with the event, it will be either less or more, and in both cases we will be causing damages.
  • When we lose the track of long-term-strategy our time horizon contracts and it will be controlled only by the current events, we won't be able to connect the dots and see the full picture and this means losing direction, so we could be going against our own interests without realizing that.
  • We might think that we are doing something good by trying to put a decisive solution to the problem once and forever, but we will keep doing that for the rest of our life, and with this spontaneous attitude we will never change for hundreds of years, we will be the same, and the history of our Muslims countries and our present reality are enough for us, so don't think that one strike will put an end to the sufferings of the Muslims, in reality this is impossible, and would cause more damages, because this is not the world that Allah Has created, everything in life takes time, it is like buiding habits, it needs long-term-strategy.
  • Reacting is only a burst of anger, and it has no impact on us, and never changes us positively, like for example when the massacre of Gazza took place we were all angry, but after a while most people came back to the bad things they used to do before that incident as if that nothing had happened they just calmed down.

3- We shouldn't be caught up at a superficial level, we have to be cautious, because there are plans that are made against us, our enemies are not caught up in a superficial level in terms of planning, they don't care about what you say or spread about them, you can make any claim no one cares because they are plotting and at the end of the day they are getting what they want, and they are having their plans implemented, they know well what they are doing.

4- If we don't develop a plan and work according to it, somebody else has a plan for us, and it won't be pleasant, so when we don't make our own plane somebody else will make a plan for us and it will be in their favor and against us, and this is exactly what is happening today, what we are living in today is a result of a plan that was made for us long times ago, and our enemies are still planning for our future, we are just helpless and those people are pulling all our strings.

5- What can we do now?!
We have to see where our deficiencies are, and try to treat them, why don't we make a plan for the fifty years to come that involves all sorts of things, that deals with our problems in all terms and levels, and it could be like the following:

·In terms of Islam

Why don't we plan that in fifty years we want to have one person from every five people to memorize Qur'an and understand its Tafseer, and be acquainted with the Seerah of the prophet and the Islamic History, and then we develop these people in terms of leadership and management and other skills in life so that they can preserve their Islamic knowledge and spread Dawa'h to the rest of people. And as for Dawa'h, let's have a Dawa'h strategy, let it not only be an individual work, why don't we develop a massive Dawa'h that involves the media and the books and the publishing industry.

·In terms of economy

We want to go to our markets and see that at least fifty percent of every good that we have is manufactured locally, and rich people make projects to give chances to poor people to work instead of having them as beggars, enabling them to work is much more better than giving them money and by that we can also develop an economy.

·In terms of constructions

From now on we want to have special conditions for buildings and constructions, we want to build them really right and have them safe, secured, enduring, and longer-lasting.

·In terms of media

Why don't we develop high quality media production that no one can compete with, some people won't listen to us unless we present them a certain level of production, why don't we make them incline to Islam by our perfection, our Islamic Media could be done even financially rewarding, it can work out even financially, we can get both sides.

·In terms of the future of our younger generations

Why don't we pave the way for them to help them to make a change in the state of the Muslim Ummah?

Why don't we bring them up in the best of ways see their inclinations and what they prefer to be and help them to participate in helping the Muslim Ummah to develop by using their talents and the things that they are good at, the things that would be their specialties in the future could add strength to Muslims, don't let your children to TV and kids Cartoon, that only teach bad values and show filthy things to our children, most of them include sex and violence.

Why don't people in the field of education realize that they are dealing with the future generations, so that they become good teachers even at the time when it is difficult to be good teachers, and definitely they will be immensely rewarded by Allah (S.W.T).

Why don't we build the foundations for the future generations, yes our work won't be seen because we are working under the ground with the foundations, no one will appreciate our efforts apart from Allah (S.W.T), we might not even reap the fruit of our efforts in this world, but the coming generations will reap them Insha'Allah, and we will be rewarded for making things easy for them.

Lastly, we shouldn't be so selfish we just want to jump right to the top, this will only cause us to fall down on our heads, and this means that we have to start again from zero or below zero, we as Muslims we should make the sweeping positive change that is deep, drastic, and gradual, because we don't admire the civilizations that only care about symptoms, symptoms are not everything, in Islam we have these elements but in a deeper level we treat the routs and then symptoms come eventually, so we treat things with a different approach, we don't want symptoms for the sake of symptoms, intention is very important in our religion, symptoms are not our goal they are only a result of our good faith and great outlook in life, by having this in mind we can do better than what other civilizations did just because of one thing that our intention is for Allah not for dunya.




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