One Step Closer - 'Istiqamah (Steadfastness & Consistency)

Since 2012-12-05

1- A great value and one of the secrets of success in this world and in the Next, it is about continuity and patience, and it is one of the most powerful tools that keep us going and trying to achieve the pleasure of Allah.

2- Consistency means remaining on the path you are in no matter what happens, it is about building habits because human behavior is based on habit that are used to be done by us subconsciously, consistency has to do with the natural growth, we people are hasty, we want to reach the peak overnight, and see immediate results, but this shouldn't be the case because this limits our horizon and makes us impatient, we have to put into consideration the concept of gradualism, because the strongest type of change is that which we didn't notice as it was done slowly, this kind of change can't be stopped, and it gives the most beneficial fruit that last forever. This concept of consistency is to be used in worship, it is an act of worship by itself, and it is also something we need in performing the other acts of worship.

3- Allah (sobhanaho wa ta’alah) wants us to have steadfastness in every act of worship that we do, in having Rifq, in memorizing Qur'an, in praying at night, and in seeking knowledge, all these should be done with consistency, and Allah loves the things that are done continuously even if they are little, and in Qur'an He promises those who believe in Him with having consistency on the Straight Path with peace and tranquility, and they are given the glad tiding of entering Paradise.

4- Our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said many things about Istiqamah, but most importantly his life was a perfect example and manifestation of it, it was used in his Da'wah to save people and take them from the narrowness of Shirk to the wideness of Islam, this is why our prophet's Da'wah has a powerful impact in the history of humanity.

Consistency was the prophet's advice to everybody, this is why his companions may Allah be pleased with them never started an act of worship and then gave it up.

5- If we want to remain on consistency then by knowing that this act of worship is so dear to Allah, this will help us do so, and we can also attain it and maintain it by realizing the marvelous impact that we can build up by worshipping Allah consistently, and we should know that consistency is a result of our concern, love, and interest for something, so if we are concerned about our Deen then consistency will come naturally, and we won't give up this act of worship that will bring us many steps closer to Allah because it is not only a great act of worship but also the secret of Allah's acceptance to the other acts of worship that we do.

Moutasem al-Hameedy



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