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Post Ramadan

The scholars agree that the sign of an accepted Ramadan is that you?re steadfast in action after Ramadan ends... ... more

Remaining Steadfast After Ramadan

The servant is obligated, after having eemaan in Allah, to persevere and be steadfast upon obeying Him by performing the obligatory acts and avoiding the prohibited ones. ... more

What after Ramadan?!

1- One of the most important fruit of Ramadan is to maintain the spiritual state we have, what is the point of Ramadan if we want to turn back on our heel?! Ramadan is meant to push us not to go back to the level we were in before Ramadan, so after acquiring this level in ...

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'Istiqamah (Steadfastness & Consistency)

1- A great value and one of the secrets of success in this world and in the Next, it is about continuity and patience, and it is one of the most powerful tools that keep us going and trying to achieve the pleasure of Allah.

2- Consistency means remaining on the path you are in no matter ...

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What after Ramadan?

What is distressing and causes grief about the conditions of the people of Islam is their failure to understand this religion, and their willingness to give it up but only on occasions. When the occasion ends, obligations are abandoned and the mosques are forsaken, and the forbidden is committed and the Quran is deserted. ... more

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