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Since 2012-12-05

1- A great act of worship that is so dear to Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala), it opens for us the treasures of the heavens and the earth, and it is one of the beautiful secrets of our religion.

2- It occupies a very high position in Islam, part of it is obligatory which is Zakah, and in general Sadaqah purifies our wealth and increases it, but people always look for immediate results this is why they tend to be stingy, they have doubt that Allah will not give them back.

3- Sadaqah is a test for the heart and the soul, and Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) commands the believers to give Sadaqah in Qur’an telling them about its fruit that it helps us get rid of the burden of the sins, it is the remedy for many problems, it has an indispensable social work, it strikes a state of balance in the financial situation in the Muslims community, it eliminates every problems, and there is a great wisdom behind it. And because Allah is more Generous to us than we to His creation He promises many rewards for Sadaqah up to seven hundred times over. The prophet (peace be upon him) was so generous and he also made it clear that there is no wealth that will be decreased by Sadaqah being given of it. Giving Sadaqah was also the characteristic of the great companions, this shows the importance of this act of worship.

4- The greatness of Sadaqah can be felt by knowing that we are having a deal with Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) The Most Generous, He is the One who gave us our money at first place, yet He is not saying that give this money back to me! He is saying to us: Who gives Allah a loan? If we were to be offered a great business deal with great people, would we be stingy!? We would even wish that we have more money to put in that investment! So what about Allah!? Don’t we trust Him!? By Sadaqah you are having a transaction with Allah directly, and this is the beauty of it.

5- If you want to attain Sadaqah then Iman is the solution, believing that Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala) is The Most Generous and reaching the level of certainty that He will give us more.

We can also maintain Sadaqah by reading the stories of the early generations, so we can learn from their generosity.

And we should not forget that this wealth is given to us by Allah, and He can take it from us at any time, so we should give from it before it is taken away from us, hopefully by that we can make use of it, and Insha’Allah we will get one step closer to Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala).

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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