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1- A very beautiful Islamic principle that makes Muslims stand out, because at this age there is a huge difference between the common culture that we are surrounded with and this beautiful principle which is one of the most important Islamic characters that the early generations lived upon, and it is the secret of living a life that is pleasing to Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta'ala).

2- Allah is described of Having Hayaa’, it is one of His attributes, and we can achieve Hayaa’ by having knowledge about Allah, knowing His Greatness and favors upon us, and knowing our shortcomings will bring us to a positive shame that will make us feel humble, so we don’t do things that He is not pleased with, and we don’t mistreat His creation.

3- Hayaa’ has to do with Fitra, this is why you see it with children, but most of the time we destroy their Fitrah by asking them not to feel shy, but the prophet made it clear that Hayaa’ is a praised worthy thing when he saw a man blaming his brother for having Hayaa’, he said to him: «Leave him alone, Hayaa’ is from Iman» [Al-Bukhari]. The prophet wanted to remove this false notion about Hayaa’ being something that is not good.

«دعه فإن الحياء من الإيمان»


4- Hayaa’ is much more deeper than being translated as shyness, the western culture dominates everything even the definition of Hayaa’, but we Muslims we always go back to Islam to know the reality of things, in Islam Hayaa’ is a positive attitude, it is different from the understanding of the culture that looks down at shyness, it is something that the elites have, and it is praised worthy.

5- Hayaa’ is two types: Instinctive and Developed, so it is something that we can cultivate, we should know when it is right and when it is wrong, by knowing that it is supposed to keep us away from bad things but doesn’t prevent us from doing the right things, and this will be achieved when the heart is sensitive and alive with Iman, this gives spirituality and power, the prophet had Hayaa’ but he was the best teacher and leader, so Hayaa’ means power not weakness, it gives a sense of focus and direction, and brings us one step closer to Allah, His prophet, and all sorts of goodness.

Moutasem al-Hameedy

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