Ruling on watching TV

Is watching TV permitted in Islaam ? If so under what coditions ?
Praise be to Allaah. The issue of watching films is not free from numerous reservations from a shar’i point of view, such as uncovering ‘awraat, listening to music, spreading corrupt beliefs and calling for imitation of the kuffaar. Allaah has commanded us to lower our gaze, as He ... Continue Reading

Is it permissible to pray in a room where there is a television that is on?

Is it permissible to pray in a room when there is someone else in the same room who is watching television, if that person is watching it at a low volume and the program being shown does not contain anything but people who are dressed decently?.

Praise be to Allah. It is makrooh to pray in a place where the worshipper will be distracted from his prayer. And undoubtedly the television is one of the greatest distractions to people; if a man prays in a place where the television is on, it will undoubtedly distract him even if the volume ... Continue Reading

The Rush

"Does man think that he will be left neglected?"[Al-Qiyamah 75:36] ... more

What is the alternative?

Whenever someone talks about this issue and mentions in detail the disadvantages of the TV programs, he faces a strange question “WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE?” ... more

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