6 Productive Tips to Tame Your Child’s Foul Mouth

Your child just blurted a word of profanity!? Find out how you can handle this delicate situation. ... more

Overcome Soft Addictions: Habits That Keep Us From Our Goals

This articles discusses how to identify your bad habits and how to change them. ... more
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How to Give Da'wah - Kamal El Mekki - Part 1/2

Sheikh Kamal El-Mekki gives a one day course about how to give Dawah, tips on how to answer questions about Islam.

20 Exam Tips for Students

The Muslim student puts his trust in Allaah when facing the tests of this world, and he seeks His help whilst following the prescribed means, in accordance with the words of the Prophet... ... more

How to humble in prayer

If you wanted to pray after your ablution and wanted to be humble in it, you have to take in considerations things that increase your humbleness. ... more

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