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The Virtues of Calling to Allah Almighty

Calling to Allah Almighty is among the best kinds of worship and the loftiest good works. ... more

The Silent Preacher

The Grave is the house of loneliness, home of gloominess and residence of darkness. Its resident is in sleeplessness and abatement. His companions are pus and worms. It is the house of the dead and the home of sorrows and anguishes. ... more

Reckon yourselves before being reckoned!

Al-Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "The servant would continue to be all right as long as there is a preacher inside him and he cares most for reckoning himself." ... more

The active caller to Allah

The active caller to Allah is the caller that is present in everywhere, and performs his role accurately in every situation. In his house, he is the best husband and father. In the street, he is a caller to everyone he meets. ... more