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1- Tawbah is something that we consider as an act that one can do on the spot, but in Islam it is a process, an attitude, a way of life, a mission that we build throughout our lives, it is one of the dearest principles to Allah, and He gives huge reward for it.

2- Tawbah is a very ...

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1- A very beautiful Islamic principle that makes Muslims stand out, because at this age there is a huge difference between the common culture that we are surrounded with and this beautiful principle which is one of the most important Islamic characters that the early generations lived upon, ...

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1- One of the great principles in al-Islam, it is one of the key elements to success in the matters of this world and in the matters of the Hereafter, it is one of the main sources that give us strength and patience to deal with the hardships that we face in this life in order to make it to ...

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1- An act of worship that shapes everything in our life, it really reflects the very beauty of Islam, but the depth of its meaning is unfortunately misunderstood by many Muslims and Arabs.

2- Deen is Nasihah, the entire Deen is Nasihah, this means that Nasihah is much more deeper and ...

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High Aspiration

1- A beautiful principle that can change our life, one of the most profound aspects of a Muslim character, it really played a major role in the History of Islam, and it is the basis for great personalities and achievements.

2- It is something that Allah loves, so it is an act of worship, ...

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A year passed, another has come

Now, we are on one side of the bank, we will soon leave it to put our feet on the other side. One step will get us out of a bank and another step will get us to the other. ... more

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