The Merits of Islam

There are many religions.

Why do Muslims think that Islam is true. Is there any factual basis?

Praise be to Allah. This is a reasonable enough question for one who has not entered Islam, but one who believes in and practices this religion already knows the blessings which are his because of this religion. There are many reasons for this, which include the following:1- The Muslim ... Continue Reading

Ramadan and Fasting

The word Ramadaan comes from the noun Ramad, which refers to “the heat of the stones arising from the intense heat of the sun.” The ninth month was named Ramadaan because when the Arabs changed the names of the months from the ancient language, ...
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Merits of Muharram and 'Ashura

Ibn Al-Jawzy (may Allah mercy him) said: 'Brothers (may Allah mercy you), know that Muharram is honorable month, and it is called Muharram (i.e. forbidden) because it was forbidden to fight in it.' (At-Tabsirah: 2/6). ... more

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