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Ramadan Concludes..What happens now?

The end of Ramadan ushers in one of two major celebrations in the Islamic calendar. A day of festivities called Eid ul Fitr. ... more

Islam Q&A – No Happy Halloween for You!

It is not allowed for Muslims to attend their [the disbelievers’] holidays and festivals because they are a type of evil and falsehood. ... more

Guidance of the Prophet regarding Eid prayers

I would like to know the guidance of the Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) regarding Eid prayers ... more

St. Patrick's Day? (NO)

Can we as Muslims, celebrate or allow our children to join in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations? ... more

Valentine's Day (Love or Lust)

Is this day really about "love"? ... more

Halloween: Through Muslim Eyes

Halloween is an annual Western celebration based on Celtic and European pagan doctrines and traditionally applied to the evening of October 31st. ... more

Can We Celebrate Holidays?

Muslims were told by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, they have two (2) occasions for celebration: Eid Al Fitar and Eid Al Adha (end of Ramadan and end of hajj). ... more

The Blessed Eid Al-Adha (Sacrifice)

O beloved, the feasts are not pleasant but by following the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him. Therefore, I would like to remind you of some of the authenticated actions that the Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, used to do on the Day of Arafat and the Days the blessed Eid of Al-Adha. ... more

The Birthday of the seal of Prophets

"Whoever innovates anything in this matter of ours (i.e., Islam), that is not part of it will be rejected." [Agreed upon]. ... more

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