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Fatwas for Women during Hajj

Following are some of the important fatwas needed by each pilgrim, man or woman, to perform pilgrimage with insight into his religion. We have collected and selected them from the fatwas of His Eminence Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz, may Allah have mercy on him. ... more

Important guidelines & fatwa for Muslim women

Collection of Important guidelines and Fatawa by Sheikh Muhammad ibn 'Uthaimîn and Sheikh Abdullah ibn Abdul Rahmân Al-Jibrîn concerning the Muslim women. ... more

Some Fatwas (Religious Opinions) about Ramadan

Some Fatwas (Religious Opinions) about Ramadan ... more

Only to our young girls in Ramadan

In this context we have gathered some fatwa (religious opinions concerning Islamic law), and legitimate rulings related to the girls' fast, Asking Allah Almighty to assist them in comprehending the rules of their fasting and making up through this message ... more

Jurisprudential Verdicts about Your Health in Ramadan

There is considerable correlation between Islam and medicine. What is ordered by Islam, medicine recommends, and what is forbidden by Islam, Medicine warns against. By reviewing some of the jurisprudential verdicts about your health in Ramadan, the picture becomes clearer. ... more

In Ramadan (For kids only)

This is a selection of the scholars Fatawa about the fasting of our beloved kids... ... more

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