Seventy Violations Committed by Women

This is a concise paper that indicates a number of violations that are being committed by some Muslim women due to being away from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him). They are also committed because of their ignorance of the provisions of the Islamic law. ... more

Notifying with some rulings

Ruling concerning singing, photography, shaving the beard, Isbal, smoking,.... ... more

Description of the Prophet's prayer

I have collected some material related to the description of the Prophet's way of praying as far as my knowledge and made my best in choosing and selecting in brief. ... more

The Friday sermon

Friday sermon, its status, its importance, its ruling, its implications in the hearts of Muslims. ... more

In Ramadan (For kids only)

This is a selection of the scholars Fatawa about the fasting of our beloved kids... ... more

Fatawa on the Rulings of the Athaan

Rulings concerning different aspects of the Adhaan. ... more

The Rulings of the Traveller

Fataawa concerning prayer, fasting, and other issues concerning the traveler. ... more