Eight Things to Learn

Shaqiq Al-Balkhi advice to Hatim [Al-Assam, his student] ... more

Stances with a Fasting Muslim

This virtuous month has embraced you to bring you closer to Allah, and to realize the grace of Allah over you, that He has blessed you by being one of those who witnessed this noble month. And keep in mind that there are some who have been forbidden this ... more

Characteristics of the Month of Ramadan

The standing of Ramadan in hearts is not a secret for each Muslim. Why not, as this is the month of mercy, forgiveness and salvation from hellfire; a month full of bounties, gifts and favors from Allah Almighty. We will treat the characteristics of this m ... more

What after Ramadan?

What is distressing and causes grief about the conditions of the people of Islam is their failure to understand this religion, and their willingness to give it up but only on occasions. When the occasion ends, obligations are abandoned and the mosques are forsaken, and the forbidden is committed and the Quran is deserted. ... more

Are You Looking For Great Treasures?

My fasting brother, I put between your hands great treasures about fasting, so hasten to performing good deeds… ... more

Receiving Ramadan

My dear brother, in few days a dear guest, a generous month, and a great season shall visit us. It is the month that Allah has singled out from all months with honor and gave it special tribute. ... more


In the near past, we were expecting for Ramadhan to come, and now, we are bidding farewell to it. ... more

Hastening to Good Deeds

Hastening to Good Deeds Before The Coming of Death ... more

Exploiting time with good deeds

Explanation of Hadith number forty from the body of forty Nawawi Hadiths gathered by Imam Al-Nawawi ... more

Our state after Ramadan

slaves of Allah! Fear Allah. O you who performed good deeds in Ramadan, how can you leave them after the month passed! ... more

Ramadan… The beloved that passes

O Muslims, by this way the page of Ramadan gets folded, and the market that was rich with the goodness gets closed; whoever won has won, and whoever lost has lost, and whoever is deprived has been deprived. ... more

The keys of the good in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a blessed month; its value is tremendous, its bliss is abundant. The rewards for the acts of obedience are multiplied in Ramadan. ... more

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