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Deterring people from backbiting (Gheebah)

Definition of Gheebah:

When the Prophet  was asked about backbiting, he answered: «To mention your brother in a manner which he dislikes». Then he  was asked, “What if my brother actually has (this failing) that I made mention of?” The Prophet said: «If (that failing) is actually found in your ...

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The Varying Forms of Wrongful Backbiting

There are found amongst the people those that will backbite in accordance to his gathering and his companions and his associates. Whilst his knowing that the one being backbitten is free of what it is they say – or of some of what they say. However; he sees that if he were to ...
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Beloved Brother...Stop Before Backbiting

This is a concise paper about two dangerous afflictions that have been spread among a lot of Muslims. I have gathered it from the words of scholars. ... more


Namimah (tale-bearing) is one of the diseases that afflicts the souls and spreads in the Islamic society, and a malicious disease that is communicated by the tongues, leading to destroying families, separating the loved ones, and severing the ties of kins ... more

Lesions of the Tongue

The tongue is one of the greatest blessings of Allah, small but does great deeds and damage in the same time. Through the tongue, true faith unfolds and infidelity emerges, its extent is endless like a vast arena. ... more

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