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Raising Our Future Generations: (Part 5): Strengthening the Foundation

Children need a great deal of attention and parents have to realize that raising kids is a 24/7 job. ... more

Raising Our Future Generations: (Part 4) A Solid Foundation

I cannot emphasize enough how one needs to lead/teach by example. ... more

Raising Our Future Generations: (Part 3) Shifting Gears

As children approach two years of age we see that they pick up a great deal from their surroundings. It is therefore crucial that their parents are there for them. ... more

Raising Our Future Generations: (Part 2) Start At The Beginning

When intending marriage one needs to be extremely careful in selecting a suitable spouse. Not only is this person to be your life partner and soul mate, but he/she will be a parent to your child. ... more

Raising Our Future Generations: (Part 1) A Great Responsibility

In the following articles, we will seek to raise points and offer practical solutions to implement regarding the raising of our children; so that inshaa Allah, on that great Day, we will have an answer to Allaah’s questions which we will not regret. ... more

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