High Aspirations

Look at yourself today. Where do you stand? Nothing brought you to where you are today except your ambitions and your aspirations. If high, then you will be high. But if low, then you'll always be low. Don't blame circumstances. Don't blame conditions. Don't blame others. Allah gave us the power to choose our response to our conditions. The conditions of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh) were far greater, more difficult, harsher than the conditions that we're going through today. We're living in a state of luxury although the Ummah is in a state of humiliation. Divorce blame three times and never come back to it. Your aspirations decide where you are going to end up and collectively as a whole Ummah, our aspirations will collectively lead to our future. Whether high or low, it is we who decide because Allah has given us the choice.

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Histroy Of Palestine

Shaykh Ali at-Timimi explains why Palestine and Masjid al-Aqsa are so close to the hearts of the Muslims. Shaykh Ali briefly highlights the main historical facts surrounding the land of Palestine and its religious roots.

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Fajr in the Mosque

The reward of praying Fajr in the Mosque and the reward of remembrance of Allah.

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