What should he do about his paternal uncle who unlawfully took his house that he inherited from his father, and he cannot do anything about it?

My father had full ownership of an expensive house in Pakistan. About 10 years ago, when I was 10 years old, he had passed away, and I have been raised by a single mother. Our financial conditions are worsening as my education needs are growing. However, my fathers brother had taken the house unlawfully and has been living in there since my father's death. Whenever my mother would ask for our house back, he would threaten to humiliate her and destroy her. Since I had moved to Canada right after my father's death, I'm not familiar with the laws and authorities in Pakistan, and since Pakistan is failing to govern itself, it has poor controls of policing and other enforcement agencies. Also, since my uncle is a very dangerous person, I am afraid of what he would do if I go there and try to take my property back. My question is that, in such dangerous circumstances, am I still obliged to take my rightful property? And if yes, are there any suggestions on how I should go about doing so?

Praise be to Allah. Firstly:  What your uncle has done with this act of transgression – if what you say is true – is a grave major sin. The inheritance must be given after the death of the deceased to the legitimate heirs without any wrongdoing or transgression. Allah, ... Continue Reading

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