Between hypocrisy and politeness

1. I would like to know the dividing line between hypocrisy and courtesy, because in many cases I feel that there is some two-facedness in people's behaviour and dealings, based on their interests and whims and desires, and it is said that it is just courtesy. Is this true? 

2. Is it possible for true friendship to be mixed with a little hypocrisy? I have a friend who does not love me as I thought she did. She held a special place in my heart that was shared by no one else, but recently I found out that my status with her is zero, and her behaviour with me for many years was superficial. I thought, and everyone was certain about that, that our friendship was strong, and until now I do not know how to end this friendship after finding out what is really going on. 

3. Can the way this friend behaved be regarded as hypocrisy? 

4. What is the punishment for hypocrisy in friendship?

Praise be to Allah.Some people often confuse the meanings of hypocrisy, politeness and flattery, and the reason for that is the failure to understand the true meanings of brotherhood and sincere friendship. In their minds they do not separate truth and falsehood, good conduct and bad. ... Continue Reading

Definition and Ruling on Gheebah (Backbiting)

What is the definition of gheebah and what is the ruling on it?

Praise be to Allah.Gheebah (backbiting, gossip) means that a person mentions the faults of his Muslim brother in his absence, which he would not like if he heard about it, when there is no need to mention them.When I say "mentions the faults of his brother", this excludes cases when ... Continue Reading

Ruling on imitating the kuffaar, and the meaning of the phrase, “What the Muslims think is good is good before Allah”

What is the Islamic ruling on the issue of imitating the kuffaar in their customs and dealings? What are the guidelines concerning that in Islamic sharee'ah? Is every imitation of the actions of the kuffaar regarded as a haraam kind of imitation, knowing that there are many things that the kaafirs do that are not haraam and are not condemned by sharee'ah, where the one who does them does not do them merely to imitate the kuffaar, but because he thinks those things are good, as Ibn Mas'ood (may Allah be pleased with him) said: "What the Muslims think is good is good before Allah"?  
Please advise us, may Allah honour you, and please give me a detailed answer and explain to me the guidelines on this matter.

Praise be to Allah.  Firstly: The Muslims have no need to imitate any of the other nations in matters of religious rituals and acts of worship, for Allah has perfected His religion and completed His Favour, and chosen for us Islam as our religion, as He says:  {ٱلْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ ... Continue Reading

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