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The Message of Islam

This book, The Message of Islam, begins by asserting the important fact that the faith of Islam, its worship, rules governing people’s transactions and all its teachings have remained the same as they were taught by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) over fourteen hundred years ago. No change or alteration has ever been introduced into them and any deviations from the message that have arisen are because it is Muslims themselves who have changed. Therefore, when individual Muslims commit deeds that Islam prohibits their actions do not reflect Islam. ... more

Romance in Islam

This book, Romance in Islam, highlights the great importance Islam attaches to love. It shows that the love of God is the best and most noble love and when it is rooted in a person’s heart, it sets that person’s behaviour on the right footing, elevates his emotions and feelings and removes selfishness. ... more

The Man in the Red Underpants

Chapter 1: The Journey BeginsChapter 2: Unanswered QuestionsChapter 3: The Test of TeachingsChapter 4: The Test of UniversalityChapter 5: The Test of CharacterChapter 6: Amazing Level of InformationCh ... more

The Only Way Out : A Guide For Truth Seekers

Confusion and Deviation The Quest for Truth Islam, Science, Creation, and the Human Origin   ... more

Common Questions about Islam

PolygamyVeilSpread by SwordFundamentalistsNon-Veg. FoodAlcohol, PorkLife after DeathSectsKafirs ... more

The intellectual invasion

The intellectual invasion is a modern term refers to the efforts that are exerted by a nation to capture another nation or to influence it to go in a specific direction. ... more

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