Category: Rajab and The Night Journey (Isra and Mi'raj) Files

Month of Rajab and Sacred Months

At the beginning of Islam, Allaah The Almighty prescribed prohibiting fighting in the sacred months. ... more

Rulings Related to the Month of Rajab (2)

Thus, one should seize the opportunity of doing great good deeds in this month. That is because filling its times with the acts of worship really has great virtues. ... more

Rulings Related to the Month of Rajab (1)

There are many rulings related to the month of Rajab. Some of them existed in the pre-Islamic era and scholars differed regarding their continuation after Islam such as the prohibition of killing and slaughtering certain sacrifices. ... more

Sunshine Follows the Rain

With this the Night Journey and Ascension were over. Muhammad returned to Makkah the next morning and narrated all that had happened to him. ... more

The Foremost in the Month of Rajab

Here we are. The time of preparation for the month of the virtuous treasures has started. ... more

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