Books Since 2019-10-11

Misconceptions and Refutations (Sabighat)

Author: Ahmad Yusuf AlSayiad ... more
Books Since 2019-05-21

Ramadan Stations

author: Ayman Al-Shaban. Thirty educational Ramdan stations ... more
Books Since 2019-02-07

My Prayer Book

Teaching prayer with pictures ... more

A Syntactico-Pragmatic Analysis of Emphatic Structures in Five Translations of the Holy Quran

The current study analyses five translations of the Holy Quran with respect to translating the emphatic structures from Arabic into English syntactically and pragmatically through conducting a critical comparative analysis. ... more
Books Since 2016-05-18

Muhammad Bin Abdul-Wahhab His life and the Essence of his Call

Author: Prof. Suliman Bin Abdul-Rahman al-Huqail with an introduction by the Minister of Islamic Affairs Shikh Saleh Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Sheikh ... more

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