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Your Guide to ISLAM ... more

Science in Islam

A short pamphlet about science in Islam ... more

Islam and the Discoveries of Modern Science

“Stunning scientific facts that the Noble Qur’an and the illustrious Prophetic Hadeeth informed us of over 1400 years ago, at a time when no one had even the slightest knowledge of such facts. Then comes modern scientific discoveries confirming their accuracy and authenticity, thereupon becoming one of the testaments and proofs of that Muhammad (salutations peace of Allaah be upon him) was a prophet and messenger.” ... more

The Man in the Red Underpants

Chapter 1: The Journey BeginsChapter 2: Unanswered QuestionsChapter 3: The Test of TeachingsChapter 4: The Test of UniversalityChapter 5: The Test of CharacterChapter 6: Amazing Level of InformationCh ... more

The Only Way Out : A Guide For Truth Seekers

Confusion and Deviation The Quest for Truth Islam, Science, Creation, and the Human Origin   ... more

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