Because of You, Allah: Journey to the Seventh Heaven

Since 2018-03-06

Because You are Allah…there is neither fear, nor worry, Nor sunset, nor night, nor twilight. Because You are Allah, my heart with hope is overwhelmed. Because You are Allah, my soul is set aglow.

  • Preface

  • As-Samad (The Eternal Refuge)

  • Al-Hafiz (The Ever-Preserving)

  • Al-Lateef

  • Ash-Shafi (The Healer)

  • Al Waki'l "The Trustee"

  • Ash-Shakour (The Most Thankful)

  • Al Jabbaar (The Compellor, The Restorer)

  • Al Hadi “The Guide”

  • Al Ghaffour “The Ever –Forgiving”

  • Al Qari’b “The Near”

  • Conclusion

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  • Publisher: Dar Al-Hadara for Publishing and Distribution