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XV. The Paradox of Zionist Generosity.

The Zionists have been known for their opportunistic tactics and deceitful maneuvering in order to achieve their aims. Hence, their exploitation of the Kosovan catastrophe to draw sympathy towards Israel is not an exception.

The Zionist and pro-Zionist propaganda is exerting great efforts ...

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XIV. The Forgotten Victims of the Holocaust: The Role of Deceptive

The Role of Deceptive Propaganda…

It is true that non-Aryans under German controlled territories during World War II have suffered discrimination and persecution at the hands of the Nazis, but Zionist leaders in charge of the Jewish ghettos were in close contact with the Nazis despite the ...

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XIII. Nazi Germany

Professor Israel Shahak of the Hebrew University spoke of his experiences during the days of World War II in Nazi Germany. He described the attitudes that many non-Zionist Jews had toward Jews who were collaborating with Nazis by saying that Jewish parents used to warn their children against ...

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XII. Six Strategic Aims Achieved Through Peace Talks.

Forced out of their last trenches in Lebanon after the Israeli invasion in 1982, the PLO lost the ability to launch any serious military operations against Israel. In November 1988, the Palestinian National Council voted to accept UN resolutions 242 that was rejected in 1967 by the ...

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XI. Zionist Terrorist Guerrillas exerting Massacres

During the heydays of yishuv (settlements) around 1935, a more radical Zionist terrorist group emerged. It was called the National Military Organization (Irgun Zvai Leumi). Its major aim was to advocate the establishment of the Jewish State on both sides of the Jordan River. This group was ...

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X. Is Jesus the Messiah Awaited by Zionists?

In continuing my writing about the religious-political factors behind the Zionist claim to Palestine, focus in this article will be directed towards the Jews doctrine on Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Most importantly when we realize that most Christian support to the Zionists is based on the idea ...

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IX. Zionists' Monopoly of Christian Sympathy

Religion and politics have been intertwined through history. It has become impossible to discuss events of rise and fall of nations and ideologies without having a comprehensive analysis of both (religious and political factors). So, any ideological account of events that divorces politics ...

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VIII. Expansionist Steps to Fulfill the Devilish Dream

The last essay focused on the issue related to the Zionists' ambitions in establishing their state on the larger scale claimed to be promised in the Old Testament from the Nile to the Euphrates. This essay will be concerned with the possibility of expanding the current occupied Muslim land to ...

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VII. Great Israel in the Schemes of Early Zionist Sages

Zionists never had in mind to have the tiny land between the Dead Sea and the Midetrainnian as the Eretz Yisrael of the Talmud but rather the claimed Promised Land from the Euphrates to the Nile, as stated at the entrance to the Kenest.

This aspiration is reflected on the Israeli flag. The ...

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VI. The United Zionist-Colonial Efforts

The United Zionist-Colonial Efforts & the fragmented Muslim World ... more

V. Genocide of Jews on the Hands of WZM.

In an earlier essay, I brought in a number of counter evidence to argue against the truthfulness of the strong (exaggerated) version of the Holocaust committed by Nazis against non-Aryans, including Jews during World War II.

Monopolizing their strong grip on the media, the Zionists were ...

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