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Christmas and the Paganisation of Christianity

Ignorantly they have assumed that Christmas is typically associated with nationalism rather than theology, and in their fervent desire to assimilate into a British identity... ... more

Do Muslims Celebrate Easter and Christmas?

In these days of excess entertainment and consumption, it is easy to get caught up in the so-called "holiday season", rarely stopping to consider its significance. ... more

Celebrate Satan?

Shayton Doesn't Want You To Know? ... more

Joining non-Muslims in their celebrations

Does Islam Forbid Celebrations? Can Muslims join in festivals of other faiths? [Find out what scholars say]?. ... more

Warning against the celebration of the Christmas

The birth date of Jesus (peace be upon him) is not definitely known as there is no evidence for that, even if it is known, did Jesus order the people to celebrate his birthday?? And even if he ordered the people to celebrate his birthday ... more

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