Tafsir of The Quran: Indeed Allah will help those who help Him

"Indeed Allah will help those who help Him. Indeed Allah is Exalted in Might, All-Powerful." [Al-Qur'an 22:40] ... more

Rivalry for Wordly Gain Distracts You: (Surah at-Takathur)

"Rivalry for worldly gain distracts you, until you enter your graves. Indeed you shall know! Again, you shall certainly come to know. Indeed, were you to have certain knowledge.. You shall certainly see the fire of Hell. Yes, you will see it with your very eyes. Then, on that day, you shall be questioned about your joys and comforts" [102: 1-8] ... more

If there is any good in your heart…

“…If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what has been taken from you, and He will forgive you, and Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [al-Anfal: 70] ... more

Tafseer Surah al-Kawthar

What a splendid Surah is Surah al-Kawthar! How abundant are its benefits, even though it is short in length. ... more

Benefits from Surah al-'Asr

By Abu Abdis Salaam

All Praises are due to Allaah, and may the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be showered upon the Noble Messenger.

To Proceed:

Allaah says in Soorah al-'Asr:

"By the 'Asr,
Indeed all of mankind is in a state of loss,
Except those who have eemaan,
Conduct ...

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The People Of The Ditch (Soorat al-Burooj)

In numerous places in the Qur'aan, Allah speaks about incidents about people who lived in ancient times. One such people are a group commonly known as 'The People of the Ditch'. They are referred to in the following aayaat of the Qur'aan, in Sooratul-Burooj: ... more

Tafsir of Surah al Layl

Tafsir (interpreting) of Surah al Layl - The Night (Surah 92) ... more

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