Category: Shirk & its different forms

Sin (Ma'siyah)

The word Ma'siyah literally means transgression or disobedience. Anything that violates the commands of Allah is transgression or sin. ... more

The Origins of Shirk

I say: In it is also a refutation of some of the philosophers and athists who claim that the (natural) basis of man is Shirk, and that Tawheed evolved in man! ... more

Shirk in Love

There are people who recognize Allah as the Creator, the Owner and the Sustainer of the universe, and yet love others more than Him. Some people love money more than they love Allah and for this reason, they do not pay zakat or they gain their money from ... more

Beseeching Allah

One of these practices which are widely spread is glorifying some Muslim individuals of whom they call the Awliyâ' (devoted and sincere worshippers) and the righteous and supplicating them instead of supplicating Allah. ... more

The Nullifiers of Faith

Believing in Allah is the most precious thing a believer owns, if he loses it then it is a manifest loss... ... more

Calm conversation between Abdullah & Abdel-Naby

A man called Abdullah met another man called Abdel-Naby. Abdullah’s heart disapproved this name, Abdel-Naby, and said: “How could a man worship other than Allah the Almighty?” Then he asked Abdel-Naby: “Do you worship other than Allah?” “No, I worship none but Allah. I am Muslim and I worship Allah alone.” Abdel-Naby replied. ... more

Intercession, Foreboding, Asking Blessing & Amulets

These are words about intercession, foreboding, asking blessing and amulets. ... more