Moral Crime

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Praise be to Allah, lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the honorable prophets and messengers, upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions

The moral crime is the crime of the people of Lot which was a reprehensible crime and a heinous action which upright people would reject and which the Heavenly religions hated as well. The following lines are words of warnings from this crime which will be through discussing its rules, damages, prevention and treatments.

Understanding the crime of the people of Lot

Their crime was that men would be physically sufficient with men, or in other words, men would commit sodomy.

The crimes Proscription and punishments to its perpetrator

Its proscription is the same by the Holy Quran, the Sunnah and the consensus and the punishment of its committer is death weather you have committed this act, or it has been committed by someone to you, whether you are a virgin or not.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayers be upon him) stated that "He whom you find committing the crime like that of the people of Lot, therefore kill the committer and he who it has been committed to" [Narrated by Abu Dawood and declared authentic by Imam Ahmad & Al-Albani]

‹‹من وجدتموه يعمل عمل قوم لوط فاقتلوا الفاعل والمفعول به››[رواه أبو داود وصححه الإمام أحمد والألبانى]

Our prophet's companions did not differ about the death punishment to the perpetrator of this major sin, but they did however, differ on how the death was to be done. Some of them said "By burning him with fire" and others said "By throwing stones at him" and some of them said "killing him with a sword" and some of them said "he is to be put on the highest building in the village then to be thrown off so his bones can break, then we shall throw stones after him"

The damages it causes

First of all, its damages in Islam:

It has damages on man kinds' religion because it is one of the major sins in Islam and because it is a threat to the consolidation of mankind, and because it is a pretext to love and attachment to other than Allah and this pretext leads to disbelieving in Allah and because it leads to the love of something that Allah detests and Allah detests who loves it.

And another damage it causes is that the committer can continue in this act until he finds it pleasure-full and this is considered dangerous for the rights and the doctrine of unification.

Second of all, its moral damages which are plenty

1- Lack of modesty, bad manners and scurrility.

2- Heartlessness and the lack of mercy

3- Killing of virility and manhood and diminishes the traits of magnanimity, courage, glory, pride and dignity.

4-It makes one love committing this crime and gives one the nerve of committing it.

5- Lack of will power

6- Humiliation and the downfall of prestige and social status

7-It causes people to lose trust in the perpetrator and for people to see him with treason.

8- Lack of jealousy

Third of all, its mental damages

1-Extreme feelings of fear

2-Continious feelings of sadness and suffering

3-The want to be isolated

4-Mood swings

5-Lack of having a strong personality and the lack of self confidence

6-Increased feelings of paranoia and delusion

7-Feelings of confusion, despair, pessimism, boredom and emotional apathy

Fourth of all, its health damages which are plenty and include:

1-Resistance towards women, the man will be driven away from woman and this can lead to the inability to have intercourse with her.


3- Syphilis: This disease infects people rapidly and it's becoming more widespread day by day.

Its symptoms: The appearance of ulcers on the genital areas and sometimes these ulcers are internal and appear on the patients' kidney, intestines, stomach, pharynx, lungs, and testicles.

As for the effects it leaves, these effects are pretty great such as paralysis, tongue cancer and at times even tuberculosis.

As for its causes, the only factor that was found to cause this disease is forbidden sexual relationships.

4- Herpes: It is a very serious disease that is caused by a virus called HVH (the herpes virus hominies) which is characterized by very red ulcers that grow larger and multiply. This disease is transmitted by sexual intercourse, and its damages don't stop here, but they spread out to the rest of the body parts and it has very severe complications which can be transmitted to the brain and damage more than 90 percent of the brain.

It also causes mental and neurological diseases. The doctors have concluded that these diseases are much more dangerous than the sores and physical pain it causes, for most of the patients infected with these diseases ages are between 15-30 years old.

5- AIDS: Aids, is disease which has frightened the whole world because of its abundant cases, lack of treatment and because of the air of mystery that it is surrounded by. This disease means auto immune deficiency syndrome or in other words, the downfall of the required immunity one needs which Allah placed in the human body in order for it to fight various diseases .So if a person is to be infected by this disease, his or her immune system shall collapse causing the inability to fight off less threatening diseases.

Experts stated that 95 percent of the people infected with this disease are men who commit sodomy and it has been stated that nine tenths of its victims die within three years from the onset time of this disease

6- The love virus: This disease is much more dangerous than Aids, and like Doctor Moore discovered and stated, Aids is considered a childish and simple disease next to the love virus.

Therefore its discoverer (Doctor Moore) called it the love disease or the love virus.

As for the symptoms of this disease, they usually appear within six months after the patient has been infected with this disease. Afterwards, blisters start appearing in the patients' body and dead damaged tissues which are usually accompanied by an awful odor and the patients continue bleeding until death. Doctor Moore has also stated that if the human body is infected by this virus, that modern medical science is completely helpless to cure this disease.


Now that we have reached the end of our speech about the health damages that sodomy causes, we must warn you about an important issue which is that these diseases' symptoms don't always show right away, and just because you have been doing this crime and nothing bad has happened to you, you must not think that Allah is content with this crime, and do not think that because a certain person is doing the same action you are doing and nothing happened to him that Allah is content with his actions.

The ways of treatment and Cure

1- Honest repentance to Allah

2- Devotion to Allah

3- Patience, having self-restraint and resisting your fancies.

4- Filling ones heart with the love of Allah.

5 Have faith that Allah sees your every action.

6- Maintaining your prayers with other Muslims.

7- Fasting.

8- Reading the holy Quran frequently.

9- Remembering and mentioning Allah frequently.

10- Keep your relationship with Allah strong so Allah can protect you.

11- Initiative Marriage.

12- Remembering and mentioning Hoor-al-Ayn.

13- Lowering your gaze.

14- Isolation from the one you beloved.

15- Being away from temptations in general, such as tempting images and movies. Also avoid hearing songs and avoid anything else that reminds you of immorality.

16- Keep yourself busy with something useful and avoid boredom and staying alone.

17- Fight back the satanic whispers of temptation and bad thoughts and don't get carried away because of them.

18- Strengthen your will power and avoid being despair.

19- Have strong will power, and make the decision to stop doing this act that even animals do not commit.

20- Keep and guard your modesty.

21- Be concerned about and guard your modesty and chastity and not to dress in revealing apparel.

22- Having a moderate amount of beauty, however, we do warn you to try not to exaggerate your appearance.

23- Diminution of humor.

24- Self judgment.

25- Consider the consequences.

26- Accompany the good people and avoid the bad.

27- Visiting sick people, walking in funerals, visiting graves, looking in the faces of dead people and remembering death and what happens after death.

28- Be careful not to give in to threats and make sure to report whomever threatens your grace, but be brave until this person fears you, and if you cannot solve it on your own, therefore seek the guidance of a trusted person such as your father, brother or teacher.

29- Read stories that speak of chastity and repentance.

30- Listen to useful Islamic tapes.

31- State your problem to those who can help you. You must pick good people that can offer their advice so they can help you solve your problem.

32- Prayer and supplication to Almighty Allah.

Finally, these are some of the important indications and factors about this heinous crime.

May peace and prayers be upon Prophet Muhammad and upon His family and companions.

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