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Thanks are only for God and let the peace be on the last Prophet and so:

My sister in Islam:

These are some stories containing lots of lessons and preachments which are talking about two types of women:

The first type: who stuck to her shyness and modesty against seduction and didn't surrender to desires, so she became a model for honor, modesty and morality and, all the women and girls should follow this woman to learn from her shyness and modesty.

The second type: who collapsed in front of the first seduction so, she sold her shyness and honor for an hour of desire and she regretted when regret is useless, so she became a bad model for the woman who has neither honesty nor honor and our women and girls should take care from taking the same path and falling in her swamp.

My shy and modest sister in Islam, you aren't alone in the battle field but there are thousands like you who had taken the same path and preferred modest life to the life of desires and whoredom.

And from them, western women who were born in a society which claims the looseness and shamelessness (impudence) and freedom reveals civilization and personal freedom and despite that those women faced this bitter reality and they confronted that by strength and determination and they refused to wear except the modest clothes and they took the path of good believers and they bared the sarcastic and mocking glances and all kinds of hurt and persecution.

So, become delighted my sister and have a good hope and continue your modest fighting and stick to your veil and your shyness.

The husband was right:

A mean person insisted to call on my home's phone and he wished that I would have a sinner affair with him but I used to refuse, insult him and sometimes I hang up the phone on his face without talking to him.

At last when he became desperate, he wanted to ruin my marriage, he called when my husband was at home and when my husband picked up the phone, he hang up immediately.

The doubts began to attack my husband and our life turned out to estrange and then to separation, but the hardest thing on the woman is that she feels that her husband doesn't trust her.

My husband asked one of his faithful friends for his opinion about me and he was courageous enough in his lying, so he told him, "we have heard a lot about your wife's sinner relations but we didn't tell you because we cared about your marriage and we hoped that she can return to the right path", after that our marriage reached to be a real hell. I went to my husband and in a tranquil moment I swore to him that I am innocent from that and that his friend is a liar, my husband started to doubt about what his friend had said, so he decided to know the number of that devil by joining the service of "the caller Id" but he didn't tell anyone and here was the surprise as this rake was none but his friend who advised him about my case, he was the one who was trying to violate on his home holiness, to attack his honor, to ruin our marriage and destroy our house which we built by love and loyalty.

The top of Chastity:

One of the supplicants says: "I was on a supplication trip to Bangladesh with a medical team who established a camp to cure eye diseases, and then a respected sheikh with his wife came to the doctor hesitatively and when the doctor came close to the woman she started to cry and shake in fear, so the doctor thought that she was suffering from pain and illness and he asked her husband about that, and he replied while trying to prevent his tears that she isn't crying from pain but she was crying because she will be forced to uncover her face to a foreigner, she didn't sleep last night suffering from worry and confusion and she was blaming me a lot saying: "Do you accept that I reveal my face?!!", and she only came here after I promised her that God approved that in emergency cases and Allah raised above said: "But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him. " [Al-Baqara 2:173]

{فَمَنِ اضْطُرَّ غَيْرَ بَاغٍ وَلَا عَادٍ فَلَا إِثْمَ عَلَيْهِ}

Transliteration: Famani Ađţurra Ghayra Bāghin Wa Lā `Ādin Falā 'Ithma `Alayhi

A lesson from an American girl:

That Arabian young man arrived to Ohaio-USA with his modest veiled wife but only few days passed until this woman was drifted by the way of the west life and she was amazed by the claimed western girl's freedom so, she first took off her face cover and at last she took off her veil and she continued by wearing the jeans and colorful shirts, so she became Arabian by blood and western by shape.

At one day this woman entered a mall and while she was in a shop, she saw a completely veiled woman, so she wanted to make fun of her and contempt her sticking to the veil in the land of freedom as they claim so, she told her in a sarcastic way in Arabic: "A veil here, leave this primitiveness (backwardness)", but the other woman looked at her and she didn't reply, so she repeated this insult again and the veiled woman didn't answer except that she said in English: "Excuse me, but i don't know the language that you are using, I am an American", so the Arabian woman was shocked from her wearing to the veil, then the American Muslim woman said in a confident tone: "Listen I am an American, I lived among freedom and shamelessness and I know exactly what disasters had resulted from that freedom but I thank God that he guided me to Islam and legislated veil to me, now our bodies and souls have value after we had been a puppet in the hands of everyone, so you must understand these words you poor woman and watch out for yourself and don't be a bad model (example) for Arab Muslim women", and she gave her a lot of advices until the Arabian woman was amazed and she started to cry, near people from her said that she spent a whole week at home and when she went out she was wearing her modest veil proud with her Islam.

The consequences of tolerance:

She wasn't so determined in replying at that human wolf, but by repeating the phone calls she finally responded to him, but the phone calls increased between them and as a result he asked her for a meeting and after insisting she accepted but under one condition that the meeting shouldn't exceed five minutes and it must be inside the car, they actually met and that devil left her for the first time, so she felt safety with him, so the meeting was repeated and she used to go out with him and sit in the car beside him, and when her dad or the driver drives her to college, she just waits and when this devil comes she used to go out with him and she returns to the college before the time of leaving and then she returns home, one day he took her to a house claiming that it was his sister's house who works in the morning, then he tricked her by giving her a drugging bill and she didn't wake up until this devil has taken from her the most precious thing that every girl has and she became a puppet in his hands, this tragedy was repeated several times hoping that he can show some mercy and marry her but how far, so after he took from her what he needed, he just disappeared and she couldn't find him she knew after it was too late that she was deceived but it was after the disaster had happened and the honor was lost and the modesty was slain.

Leave that for the judgment day:

A man said that: "I adored a woman from my neighborhood so I used to follow her when she went out, so I followed her a lot and she felt that and one day, while I was following her, she stopped, turned to me and said: "Do you need something?", I said: "Yes", she said: "And what is that", I said: "Your friendship", she said: "Leave that for the judgment day". He said: "By God she made me cry and I didn't repeat that again".

God is the greatest, how beautiful is the modesty, how glorious is the shyness, how amazing is the advising, how marvelous is the honor, how great is observing God, how beautiful is the activeness and neglecting (leaving) all the desires, yes leave that for the judgment day, it is a precious advice but no, it is actually a way of living and I wish that our young girls and boys could follow these amazing models instead of following immoral people.

A girl's tragedy:

She didn't have any idea that the result will be like that, she was just playing away from her parent's sight and she was convinced that no one will know about her until the zero hour but the disaster happened, a naïve young flower who had a happy future, while going and returning from the school, she left her veil to go with the wind and left her face cover to be free to show her eyes and cheeks and of course she wasn't away from the eyes of the human wolves who were walking down the streets waiting to capture a naïve victim, no time passed until she found a phone number of one of them in front of her, she didn't hesitate and picked the number, she knew him as a single young man who was far away from his parents, he threw the trap around her till she fell into it and seduced her by his smooth tongue, the sinner relationship started and began to grow up and why not, as the girl had no guidance, he insisted on seeing her and after hesitation that poor girl accepted and I wish that she didn't as she fell as an easy prey in the trap, after seducing her to his house, he didn't delay in slaying her modesty using the knife of betrayal, days passed and she is now pregnant as a result of that sin, waiting for the moment of giving birth to have a contaminated baby with no joy for his birth, when he was born and when her mother discovered the shame of her daughter, she screamed from the gravity of the shock, how could her fourteen years old virgin girl to be pregnant and give birth to a baby?!!

She hurried to the father to tell him about the baby but how far….

As the pigeon was slain and her blood was bled and the result was putting that devil in jail and the girl at one of the reform schools until they make a decision about her, the start point was wearing the veil in a shameful way and the end is?!!!

There is still a door that you didn't close:

The judge "El Tanokhy" said that an army soldier kidnapped a woman from the street and he wanted to rape her, but some of neighbors wanted to prevent him so he fought them and his followers helped him until the neighbors gave up and surrendered, he took the woman inside the house and he wanted to seduce her but she refused so he forced her but she fought him and told him: "I'd prefer to die than doing what you want", so he insisted and she struggled until at the end she collapsed, and when he wanted to rape her she told him: "Hey you, wait until you close the door that you forgot to close", he said: "What door?", she said: "The door that is between you and God as he can see you now", these words affected the soldier and he stepped away from her and said: "Go, God had dispelled your worries", so she went out without him exposing to her...

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