Allah's Blessing

Since 2008-04-17

We all have something in our lives to overcome,
It doesn't have to stop us from having fun,
Whatever hurdle gets put in my path, it's Allah's Blessing.

For me, it's my body, which tends to go on strike,
The hurts, the aches, get to me most at night,
However strong the pain may be, it's Allah's Blessing.

I get so frustrated, not being able to achieve all I'd like to do,
I, shamefully, at the worst of times, envy you.
All of this hardship, which I can struggle to bear, it's Allah's Blessing.

Right now, all I want to do is weep,
I probably will, before I sleep,
Each tear I shed, a voice calls in my head, "It's Allah's Blessing"

"I want to be normal" I say, "Is that so wrong?"
But, these thoughts aren't allowed to hang around for long,
For that encouraging voice keeps on saying, "It's Allah's Blessing".

After my wayward thoughts come those of comfort,
I wouldn't be me, if I didn't have all this hurt.
I'm beginnng to see that all of this, It's Allah's Blessing.

By giving me these tempermental mitochondria in each cell,
Allah's teaching me to cherish the times I am well.
So now I glare at my aching limbs and say, "It's Allah's Blessing."

I tell myself its okay to have moments like these,
Sabr, Jessica, after hardship there will be ease.
As hard as life has looked tonight, It's Allah's Blessing.

by Yunaleska / Jessica

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