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Softly, gently

Softly reading
Al Quran
Child rises
From his
To see
Sitting, reading
Beautiful voice.
Softly reading
While others
Child rests
His head
On her.
She strokes
His hair
Softly gently
While reading
Al Quraan
Soft voice.

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Allah's Blessing

We all have something in our lives to overcome,
It doesn't have to stop us from having fun,
Whatever hurdle gets put in my path, it's Allah's Blessing.

For me, it's my body, which tends to go on strike,
The hurts, the aches, get to me most at night,
However strong the pain may be, it's ...

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Open your eyes

Open your eyes, 

See His Signs,

They are clear,

As clear as a sunset.

Don't be blind,

Open your eyes,

To what He has Created.

He is One,

Lord of all,

The Creator of this sunset. 


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To my little sister (in Islam) Yunaleska/Jessica

I see a tear rolling down
my little sister's cheek
because she is in pain
and struggles every step she takes.
It is true that sometimes
people look twice at her
and she wants the ground to swallow her
because she feels ashamed
of not being able to run free
or to go about as we do.
She thinks ...

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Gaza's Flowers

Little boys and girls
Withering like flower petals
Parents look at them with tearless eyes
Slow creeping hunger and thirst crawls like a snake
Then came the news
The wall is down
thousands crossed into Rafah, the other Rafah
I see my mother opening a bag of flour
Perhaps our flowers will smile ...

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How Our People Live


 I look up!
The beautiful sky is smeared with a Jet fighter's trail!
I look at the Horizon!
An ugly monster of steel is rumbling towards us!
Father! Mother! Where are you!
I am scared!
Ya Allah! Make me strong!

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Never Forget To Say Lailahailallah

Poem written by : Khurram Malik

To be able to defeat,
Shaytaan and his deceit,
Ask Allah for help and repeat,


If we want to succeed,
We must purify our greed,
Obey him in every deed,


To become completely ...

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No One but Allah.

Poem written by : Khurram Malik

Who filled the world with light?
Who raised the mountain high?
Who raises us when we die?
No one but Allah.


Who sees inside your sole?
Who hears you when you call?
Who helps you when you fall?
No one but Allah.

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With Iman

By Asma Nayeem

With Iman comes knowledge
of the meaning of existence,
With Iman comes belief
in reward and punishment!

With Iman comes awareness
of the right and the wrong,
With Iman comes the journey
to Kabah where people throng!

With Iman comes gratitude
for the mercy & blessings,
With ...

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Islamic Creed

Allah is my lord,
Quran is my light

We forbid what is wrong,
And enjoin what is right

Sunnah is my role model,
Islam is my way

Jihad is my life,
Good deeds are my pay

Righteousness is my character,
Justice is my goal

Muhammad (s)'s my messenger,
Iman is my soul

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In The Name of Allah

By Reem Khan (Australia - 18 yr old muslimah)

In the name of Allah

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind,

Praise be to Allah, who gave the Quran to mankind.

Its verses so pure, its context so divine,

As it purifies our souls, our hearts and our mind.

Glorified is He, ...

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Eid Mubarak - a Poem

Eid Mubarak - what a strange day,
where we all go out to play.

fasting has gone,
normal lives are back on.

when we go back to the same old routine,
ignorance wide-spread - a familiar scene.

so what has been achieved?
have we truly believed?

the threatened Hour is nigh
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