Let's Fight Islam Online !

Since 2001-05-16

There are mutlitudes of emails floating around containing information about anti-islamic websites, for example ...

(( www.--------.com
To : All Muslims :
This Site is against Islam !!
Please tell all friends to include in their e-groups . instantly e-mail to all friends !! )) Hundreds of messages of the same content in the list of my e-mail as a Web Master to Islamway.com. Asking to take care from websites against Islam and mentioning the FULL url !
This way of acting might clearly reflects the sender's imprudent disability to contain oneself. Each occurrence or similar incident moves a lump on my throat. Hence, below is a message for those to read and distribute with same zeal and rushing behavior they might have done with a similar warning messages as mine.



In fact Internet facilities are not a monopoly for some and deprived from others. It is ambient for all tendencies, trends and attitudes. Either it is with or against Islam, there is no way -whatsoever- to occupy yourself with how to stop such sweeping stream. Moreover it is not the role - as a Muslim - we are supposed to play! Besides, managing to lock one site might be the motive to establish another or say tens or say hundreds of a similar nature!! Thus helping the spread of things we are striving to put Muslims aside. 
Only One Way!! Attacking is the most effective way to defend. 
Actuality.. Reality.. True state of affairs.. Essence of Islam . and such concepts are more worthy of efforts to spend and spread among fellow Muslims.
I am not exaggerating to say that Millions of messages, of the said content, circulating among young men and women. 
Have you ever received one linking you to ISLAMWAY BROADCAST for instance!! 
Have you ever been guided by an e-friend to a subtle article revealing the best way of Propagation to Islam ?



One of the most effective ways to promote and circulate sites is across Advertising Banners Campaigns. Any site might stay obscure, nameless and unknown although financially supported by thousand of Dollars until correctly channeled through Search Engines. 
IF .. oh of that If .. 
I say if Muslims are really to the extent of responsibility .. they should have been inattentive and disregarding and accordingly these sites will remain obscure, nameless and unknown. Subsequently, sponsors of such sites would lose interest then fading away is inevitable destiny for the likes.

If I were a webmaster of anti Islamic site I'd say : Six Muslims are quite enough for me !!

" Be ware Muslims "!! 
"Abuse against Islam and Muslims "!! 
www._____.com send to all with no exception before it is too late !!" ))

Imagine I haphazardly got only six Muslims' e-mail addresses being the Owner of such sites abusing Islam ..
Earnestly every member of my chosen team might rush to multiply my message by 3 ( at least every one has three online friends) .. it may look like this: 
6->18->54->162->486->1458->4374 so on until millions in less than a week !!
My team is only six Muslims!! whom I don't even have any relation.



What if such sites become Popular ?
These sites are definitely against Islam. This can easily be seen through. Their aim is prefaced and permeated among objects and subjects squeezed here and there in front pages.

So, what is the purpose behind the circulation and engagement of Muslims' attention to them ?
Some may suggest : Caution and Observation as a Muslim might not be aware at first browse !
Not at all my brother, you underestimated Muslims ! these sites apparently are an eye-witness for itself. No need for you and me to promote. But for Muslims such sites would had never seen our Inbox Folders or any others as well.

More astounding.. you are promoting the same self thing you are alerting to beware of ! what a bewilderment ! 
This means if I knew that some kind of press released an Issue against Islam abusing Allah and His Messenger Mohammad (PBUH), in your capacity as a follower of Islam .. what is the best way to warn others ?
If following the same way we have to buy 1000 issues and stand at a crowded corner distributing a free issue to every one passing by!! Screaming out !! this is against Islam !! Beware !! 

To be fare, nobody would approve the above behavior to be serious warning than being a promotional trick! You have been that person of the 1000 free distribution issues when you adopted these abusing LINKS and adjacent e-mail sending mission. 

Forbidden fruit is sweet .. and those sites you warned against will have the first priority the nearest time your e-mail receivers will be online.



My dear brother, as I said above you are effectively contributing in promoting these sites :

  • Inviting others in a roundabout way to curiously have a look!!

  • E-mailing, as such your case is, automatically activates Search Engines to mark these sites as popular. As a result it will be in top search list for Islam as the key search word!

One of the seriously critical impacts is the consequence these sites might ambiguously settle in the hearts of uncertain and unstable Muslims who still doubt the existence of God. Many of such instances I receive from time to time and - thanks to Allah - we are trying to help falsify these doubts as much as we can.

The above Muslim sample could easily be their victim by believing in that Malignancy Showroom such sites are keen to introduce to those Muslims (by birth) but still doubtful and unstable and liable to eat the bate. Most properly they can entirely leave Islam and tilt - by your sincere (Bona Fide) Link - to uncertainty.

Show piety to Allah

Sinner .. sinner .. sinner .. I am insisting to repeat . the one keeping on the same line as (Mr. Link distributor) after reading this article. He will neither be let away from punishment of Allah nor those who follow him as well. He also will have his share out of each one who follows.
What a fearful thing it is! What a huge arithmetic progression it would be for a sin !! 
No Power .. No strength .. but from Allah 

How to Grant Forgiveness to my misdeed?

  • Firstly      : Decisively stop e-mailing such links asking Allah's Forgiveness.

  • Secondly : Inviting all friends to read this article to perceive and realize what kind of services they are rendering to mortal enemies of Islam.

  • Thirdly     : Saving a copy of this article to be the automatic reply to any e-mail including such links.

  • Fourthly  : Linking Muslims to reliable Islamic Sites - to be their ultimate on-line reference- to as many persons as the ones that were your previous target to such Links of Islam abuse. Below is link to ISLAMWAY BROADCAST.

And Allah Knows The Best.

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