The Remembrance of the Bearer of Glad Tidings and the Warner صلى الله عليه وسلم - Episode 24: A Spotlight on Hunayan Invasion

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Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Allah, the best judge and All Knowing, granted his Messenger the victory of Conquering Mecca and people embraced Islam in multitudes, which gladdened the believers and rejoiced them to their hearts contents. Yet some of the Arab tribes refrained.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: As a consequence to the great conquest of Mecca, some tribes came to the prophet to announce embracing Islam and their submission to the Prophet, yet other menacing haughty tribes refrained. This was the case with Hawazen and Thaqeef tribesmen.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: They gathered themselves and entrusted their leadership to Malik bin 'Awf An-Nasri who mobilized an army to fight against the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Soon Malik bin 'Awf An-Nasri mobilized those tribesmen and resolute to head to the prophet's whereabouts and fought him.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Maalik bin ‘Awf was of the opinion to put the women, children and property at the back of the army. They marched till they reached Awtas, a valley in Hawazen's lands very close to Hunayn.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: As he reached that valley, he met the people there. Amongst them were Durayd bin As-Summah

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He was known for his cunning opinions and endurance in wars, a stout strong head man, and were listened to his advices and opinions concerning wars.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Durayd heard the children's cries, braying of the donkeys and bleating of the sheeps. He wondered, "What's all this about?" They answered him "Malik bin 'Awf have brought the people's fortunes, women and children."

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: when they gathered, he asked to see Malik bin 'Awf. When the latter came, he asked him, "Why did you bring your tribesmen and their wives, children and their entire fortunes?"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "I wanted to put behind every man his family and property so that he would fight in their defense to his last breath.”

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Durayd then advised him, “By Allah, you are [merely] a shepherd [in this context this was a derogatory term indicating ignorance about warfare]"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: " Is there anything that prevents the defeated from being defeated? If war is in your favor, then nothing will benefit you except a man with his sword and spear. If not, you will be disgraced before your family and property.” Yet Malik insisted on going on.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Malik rejected Durayd's advice "I will not do such a thing. You must have grown a senile. Hawazin have to obey me, or else I will lean my body against this sword so that it penetrates through my back.” He rejected any sort of contribution of Durayd’s in that concern, loathed that Durayd's be obeyed or mentioned in this invade. Instead he wished for all the claimed fame to himself.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: When the prophet received the news about Hawazen's army mobilizing to fight him, he صلى الله عليه وسلم left Mecca accompanied by twelve thousand Muslims. Ten thousand of those had previously shared in Mecca Conquest. And two thousands had recently embraced Islam after the conquest.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet deputed 'Utab bin Usaid as a governor over Mecca. When the night fell, a knight came and said, “I have climbed up so and so mountains and came across Hawazin with their riding camels, livestock and sheep. Hawazin wholly were gathered together at Hunayn." He was informing the prophet of Hawazin's state and whereabouts.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Therewith, the prophet became very optimistic and said to his companions, "I'm bringing you the glad tidings that those shall be our spoils on the morrow if Allah is willing"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: On their way to Hunayn they saw a great green tree that was called that-Anwat (the one with suspenders). It was a Sidr tree that the pagans believed that if they hung their weapons on its branches, those weapons shall be blessed, which shall guarantee their victory.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Some of those recently embraced Islam after the conquest asked the prophet "let us have a that-Anwat tree like the pagans used to"

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The prophet became very angry. He said, "Allah is the greatest; Allah is the greatest; Allah is the greatest. It's the old ways and sayings of Jews and Christians (Sunan)"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: “I swear by the One in Whose Hand is Muhammad’s soul, what you have just said is what the people of Moses said to him. They said ‘Make us a god as the ones they have.’ And he replied to them "Surely you are ignorant people".

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet leading the army arrived at hunayn on Wednesday, 10th of Shawwal, yet Malik had arrived ahead of them.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Malik was there scheming evilly against the prophet and his army. He set up ambushes as he and his army hid behind rocks and walls awaiting the Muslims, holding their weapons ready to take the Muslims by surprise when they reach the mouth of the valley.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet mobilized the army. When the night fell and at the time before daybreak, the Muslims' army entered the valley of Hunayn. Taken by surprise they were showered with arrows and spears. The polytheists killed number of the Muslims in a haste that the Muslims were confused and the army disordered.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Even the companions were dispersed from around the prophet. Only few men remained with him, about 80 to 100 men. But the prophet's unmatchable bravery made him go on without the least fear.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: The prophet turned to the right side and shouted "O people, Come on"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: "I'm Muhammad, Son of 'Abdullah; I'm Muhammad son of 'Abdulah. I'm the Messenger of Allah no doubts. I am the grandson of 'Abdul Muttalib"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Only few of the prophet's companions from al-ansar (supporters) and muhajiroon (emigrants) were there around the prophet. The matchless bravery of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was then brought to light.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: in his attempts to make his mule stand fast in the face of the Disbelievers, urged it on to advance further that Al-'Abbas and Abu Sufyan said, "we were holding the rein of the Prophet’s mule, and Al-‘Abbas was holding its stirrup. As we were endeavoring to make it halt, the prophet urged it on to advance further"

Sheikh Ali Paqees: The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم dismounted and asked his Lord to render him help "O Allah send your help; send your help" then he صلى الله عليه وسلم turned to Al-'Abbas

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Al-'Abbas had a very loud and sonorous voice, so the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم ordered him to call on his companions

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Al-'Abbas shouted on the top of his lungs "O people of the tree!"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "Where are you; people of the fruitful faith?"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: "O people of Al-Baqarah" meant for the one who are memorizing that chapter of the holy Quran

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: "O people of the Ridwan pledge"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: He said, "By Allah, when they heard my voice, they came back [to us] like cows that come back to their calves, and said, “We are here! We are here!”

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The companions hurried to the voice source as soon as they heard Al-'Abbas, all turning around to the prophet till 100 of them gathered round the Prophet and resumed the fight which was again in balance.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Numerous groups of the companions kept pouring into the battlefield, gathering to the prophet till the stamina increased of both sides and the fierce fight resumed. Hither, the prophet "Now the fight has grown fierce.”

(on the day of Hunayn, some claimed that today must be victorious, they were less in numbers no more. But those numbers dispersed in haste, fled away. And again only the faithful steadied in the face of polytheists till Allah's help was sent. The circumstances turned around again and the Muslims were granted victory not by their numbers but through their steadfast faith)

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The companions fought like no other. They were as fierce as lions, as heroic and brave as the bravest Knights and soon the aid descended upon them from the heavens.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Then the Messenger of Allah took [some] pebbles in his honored hands and threw them into the faces of the disbelievers. Then he said: “Be defeated, May your faces be shameful."

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Only few hours passed after the prophet thwarted the pebbles into their faces before the enemy was utterly defeated and 70 men were killed from Thaqeef alone.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Others were captured in numbers and they took all their properties as spoils. Indeed it was the truth what the prophet said "That's all the Muslims' spoils tomorrow, if Allah is willing"

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Malik bin 'Awf along with some of his followers fled to Ta'if and protected themselves using the forts there. But the prophet orders were firm: they shall be pursued.

(As Hawazen defected from listening to the Best Judge

The prophet lead the battalions full armed to them

Till they submitted humbly after being haughty

Offering peace to everyone they meet)

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: After the prophet was finished with the battle and they gathered the spoils at Ju'ranah, the same month of Shawwal, 8th year A.H., he appointed Khaled bin Al-Walid at the vanguard of an army of one thousand men then the prophet left for At-Ta'if

Sheikh Ali Paqees: On their marching way, they passed by several valleys and areas. They found an empty fort that belonged to Malik bin ‘Awf, so the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم gave orders to have it destroyed.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: As soon as the Muslims neared those forts, its people started shooting arrows against them. The arrows were so intense and fierce that they looked as if they had been locusts on the move.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: A lot of arrow-shooting and rock-hurling fell upon them that some of the prophet's companions were killed.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The siege went for some time. Heavy arrow-shooting and rock-hurling occurred for as soon as the Muslims besieged the fort, the people there shoot them with arrows immediately.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: the companions were hurt in great numbers; but the prophet wisely decided to ascend a high location and be safe there and then set up a catapult against those forts, which proved its efficiently and made holes in its walls.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: A number of the Muslims shielded by a wooden tank -  not like those today tanks -  entered into the fort shielded by it and started the fight.

 Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: But the enemy saw through that stratagem. They poured heated oil over the Muslims' heads that they hurriedly went back to the prophet.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: As the siege lasted too long and the fort was immune and the Muslims were vastly injured due to the rock hurling and arrow-shooting and the heated iron hooks and the fort's people were very strong and steadfast, they have stored supplies to bear a very long siege.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The prophet counseled with his companions what should they do concerning this too long siege.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم consulted Nawfal bin Mu‘awiyah who were knowledgeable about Thaqeef and the fort's people.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He answered the prophet “They are like a fox hiding inside its burrow. If you stood fast at it you would catch it, but if you parted with it, no harm would afflict you.”

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: So the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم decided to lift the siege and depart. He ordered 'Umar to announce that the army is going to depart by the morrow if Allah is willing.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: It was too hard for the Muslims to go back as they wished to conquer the fort. They said, “Should we go away while the fort is still unopened?” the prophet agreed, “Then, start fighting on the morrow.”

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: In the morning they fought and were wounded, then they heard the call “If Allah will, we are leaving the fort and going back tomorrow”

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: As they heard the call, they were pleased and carried out the order submissively and started moving. The prophet thereon laughed for their immediate submission. May my mother, father and my own soul be sacrificed in his place.

 (He صلى الله عليه وسلم headed to Ta'if and then after a while he left till a hidden time)

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet collected in this invasion an enormous booty. The captured were about 6 thousand persons, 24 thousand camels, more than 40 thousand sheep in addition to 4 thousand ounces of silver.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The prophet summoned his companions. He granted them generously like one who do not fear to grow poor

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet ordered the booty to be collected and kept at Al-Ji'ranah and Mas'uod bin 'Umar Al-Ghaffari was its guard.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The prophet never collected as much booty as those of Hunyan invasion.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Among the captives were As-Shaimaa bin Al-Harith Al-Sa'deyyah, the prophet's foster sister.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: She came to the prophet, stood before him and reminded him of herself. The prophet looked at her صلى الله عليه وسلم and was greatly delighted

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet spread his garment for her and told her to come sit next to him. He was generous towards her and asked her if she would like to stay amongst the Muslims or he صلى الله عليه وسلم would provide her with food and water supplies and a camel to ride on in order to reach her tribe safely. Thereupon she chose to go back to her tribe whereabouts (may Allah be pleased with her)

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The people crowded around the prophet, every and each one of them amazed at his generosity and greedy to be showered with it. The prophet kept taking some steps backward while they kept moving forward in large crowds. The prophet took refuge in the shade of a tree but the gathering people pulled his garment off his shoulders صلى الله عليه وسلم. The prophet then said to his companions

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: (O people, let go of my garment! By Allah, who my soul is in his hand, If I had had Camels and sheep as much as the mountains of Tohama, I'd have distributed them amongst you. You know quite well that I am neither mean nor coward or a liar)

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Allah forbidden! The prophet is the most generous, the kindest matchless in his generosity and liberality صلى الله عليه وسلم. He never said "No" except in his testimony if it wasn't for the latter he would've said "yes" to everyone requesting anything.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet distributed the booty, favoring the new Muslims with a bigger share of it. He granted Abu Sufyan, one of Quraysh's chiefs 100 camels to instill the Islam in his heart.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Abu Sufyan then said, "and what for my son Mu'aweyah?" The prophet replied, "another 100 camels for him"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Then he again inquired "and my son Yazeed?" yet the prophet granted him number of camels as well.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Safwan approached the prophet who granted him 100 camels and granted another man whichever numbers of camels and sheep between so and so mountains.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet invested and distributed all the booty with one concern, instilling Islam in the people's hearts and calling unto it. Therefore, he would grant one man 40 camels and another 50 and so on.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: That's how the most generous and liberal behaves, the prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم

(Never was an ascetic man as him صلى الله عليه وسلم. The life's pleasures were brought to his hands, yet he supplicated his Lord to make Muhammad's household means of living sustaining just enough to keep them alive, no less. The prophet died without having enough even of barley's bread)

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet wisely preferred certain people in his distribution of the spoils for he favored some of those whose hearts weren't steadfast enough unlike the new Muslims. He did that in order to instill Islam in their hearts. But as for those firm believers whose hearts are filled with steadfast faith were left to their faith and certainty concerning Allah and his Messenger.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: One may wonder for all that matchless generosity, the prophet granted the Helpers (al-Ansar) nothing! But he was very generous towards the new Muslims whose hearts weren't filled with firm faith. But the Helpers (Al-Ansar) got very angry towards the way the prophet distributed the booty.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: On the authority of Ibn Ishaq he narrated that Abu Sa'id Al-Khudarey said,  “When the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم had given Quraysh and Arab tribes those gifts and allotted nothing to the Helpers, a group of the Helpers felt so uneasy about it

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: that a lot of ill-statements against the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم were spread among them to an extent that one of them said, “The prophet granted the new Muslims from Quraysh enormous shares of the booty yet he gave us nothing while their blood still dripping off our swords!" amongst those who said the late statement was Sa‘d bin ‘Ubadah who honestly and openly went to the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم and said "O Messenger of Allah"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "This group of the Helpers is furious at you about the distribution of the booty that you had won. You have allotted shares to your own kinsmen and forwarded lots of gifts to the Arab tribes. But this group has obtained nothing.”

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم asked Sa‘d exclaiming: “Sa‘d, what do you think of all that?” Sa‘d replied: “O Messenger of Allah. You know that I am nothing but one of my people"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet then ordered Sa'd to call out on his people and solely bring them to the prophet so that they could talk openly to the prophet and express their sincere complains and blames like how two close cherished parties do.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: So Sa‘d went out and summoned them. When some Emigrants came, he let them in but the prophet forbade others. When they were all gathered together, he informed the Prophet saying, “This group of the Helpers has just arrived to meet you in compliance with your orders"

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: As soon as the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم faced them, he thanked Allah and praised Him, then said to them inquiring صلى الله عليه وسلم

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: "Is it true what I've been told that you said?"

Sheikh Ali Paqees: "That you are angry with me for I allotted some people whose hearts weren't instill with Islam and left you the Helpers (al-Ansar)"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "Didn’t I come to you when you were astray and Allah guided you?

Sheikh Ali Paqees: "Weren’t you foes and Allah made you love one another; you were poor and Allah gave you wealth."

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: “Yes,” they said, “Allah and His Messenger are better and more gracious.”

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Then he said: “Why don't you reply to me, O tribe of Helpers?” They said, “What should be the reply, O Messenger of Allah!" Then the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم again said "You might have answered and answered truly, for I would have testified to its truth myself, ‘You came to us belied and rejected and we accepted you; you came to us as helpless and we helped you; a fugitive, and we took you in; poor and we provided you’. They replied while weeping " O Messenger of Allah, while to the Lord and to his Messenger belong all benevolence and grace.”

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: "You Helpers, do you feel anxious for the pleasures of this world, wherewith I have sought to incline these people unto the Faith in which you are already established?"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Are you not satisfied, O group of Helpers that the people go with ewes and camels while you go along with the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم to your dwellings. By Him in Whose Hand is my life , had there been no migration, I would have been one of the Helpers. If the people would go through a valley and passage, and the Helpers go through another valley and passage, I would go through the valley and passage of the Helpers. Allah! Have mercy on the Helpers, their children and their children’s children.” The prophet's companions wept, were very embarrassed to utter a word and were indeed satisfied with the prophet as their lot and share.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The Helpers (Al-Ansar) may Allah be pleased with them were satisfied and pleased with their great lot and distinguished fortune. They won the matchless prize: the prophet, the Master of all Messengers صلى الله عليه وسلم to have him back to their dwellings. By Allah in whose hand  is my life , a single smile from the prophet worth the whole world and more. By Allah in whose hand is my soul, one prayer invoked by the prophet is more of a blessing than all the worldly pleasures. By Allah in whose hand is my soul, one blessed step along with the prophet and being amongst his company is better a fortune than whichever pleasure in life. Oh How blessed indeed you are O group of Helpers, the prophet is with you at your dwellings and homes.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: After the distribution of booty, the tribe of Hawaazin embraced Islam and their delegation (14 men) came to the Prophet lead by Zuhair bin Serd and amongst them Abu Berqan the prophet's foster uncle. After they made their pledge to the prophet, he said, " O Messenger of Allah, the captives [of the Hawaazin] are our mothers, sisters, aunts your maternal aunts and your mothers by relation of suckling, such would bring shame on our tribe so bestow favors on us. You're the one we look forward to his generosity.

Bestow upon your mothers through suckling your favor

As your mouth used to be full of running pearls from their breasts

Sheikh Ali Paqees: he صلى الله عليه وسلم gave them the choice, “Are your women and children dearer to you or your property?” They replied,“Of course our women and children are dearer to us.” He replied, “What belongs to me and to the children of ‘Abd Al-Muttalib is yours"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "And I will ask my folks to give back theirs.” Both the Helpers (al-Ansar) and the emigrants (Muhajiroon) said "What belongs to us belongs from now on, to the Messenger of Allah.” But Al-Aqra‘ bin Habis (may Allah be pleased with him) said “We will grant none of what belongs to me and to the Banu Tameem,” and ‘Uyaynah bin Hisn, said, “As for me and Banu Fazaarah, we say ‘No’.”‘Abbaas bin Mirdaas also refused and said no for the Banu Sulaym and himself. His people, however, said otherwise. “Whatever spoils belong to us belong from now on to the Messenger of Allah, as you have undermined my position,” said ‘Abbaas bin Mirdaas angrily to his clan. Then the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said, “These people have come to you as Muslims. For this I have already tarried the distribution of the booty. Besides, I have granted them a fair option but they refused to have anything other than their women and children. Therefore he who has some of theirs and will prefer willingly to give them back, let them do. But those who favors to keep what he owns to himself, let them grant them back too, and he will be given as recompense six times as much from the first booty that Allah may provide us.” The people became very delighted. Some of them “We will willingly offer them all" The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said,“But in this way we are not able to find out who is content and who is not, so go back and we will be waiting for your chiefs to convey to us your decisions.” All of them gave back the women and children. The only one who refused to comply with the Messenger’s desire was ‘Uyainah bin Hisn. He refused to let an old woman of theirs go back at first. Later on he let her go back. The prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم gave every captive a garment as a gift.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Having accomplished the distribution of the spoils at Al-Ji‘ranah he left it while wearing Al-‘Umrah clothes and proceeded to Mecca to perform Al-‘Umrah.(lesser pilgrim) repeating "Allah is the greatest" and the testimony of Islam and feeling entirely thankful to his Lord.

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