The Remembrance of the Bearer of Glad Tidings and the Warner صلى الله عليه وسلم - Episode 3: A Spotlight on the Commencement of the Divine Inspiration

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Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم didn't look at Mecca's society behaviors and morals as an example that should be followed, for he did not believe in idolatry; seeking the help of idols; or seeking one's fate through the divining arrows in extreme aversion and abhorrence, in addition to other behaviors which were spread over Mecca.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: seclusion, meditating; and speculating over the heavens and the creations were well liked by the prophet

Sheikh Ali Paqees: In the Hira' Cave in the Mount. Noor, Muhammad used to devote himself to meditate over the universe around him, far away from his city, Mecca.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: he would stay in Hira' cave for several days by himself; worshiping Allah سبحانه وتعالى through what's left from the teachings of Ibrahim عليه السلام. Allah inclined his pure nature to such retirement as if readying him for what he was to undertake of conveying the coming message.    

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy : after several nights he would descend; heading first to Al-Ka'bah (House of Allah) to circumambulate it then he would head to his wife Khadija (May Allah be pleased with her) in order to provide him with water and food to resume his blessed solitude

Sheikh Ali Paqees: then again he would spend several days at the cave in seclusion; and back again to his wife to be provided with supplies for another number of nights. He continued to do so for three years.

(In the cave of Hira' was the beginning; a start to the revelation upon the prophet; the light of truth; and the true guidance; the beginning of a fresh rebirth of the mankind)

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He صلى الله عليه وسلم kept worshiping his lord for a number of nights in the cave of Hira'; meditating and speculating over the creations both in heavens and earth; he would worship his Lord through meditating and performing Dhikr (remembrance of the Lord); all was due to the mercy of Allah upon him.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: All those years he was prepared for conveying the Message of Islam. When he became forty years old; his prophethood began.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: the prophet started seeing good truthful visions

Sheikh Ali Paqees: he used to see it in his sleeping state; and when he wakes it comes true as the light of daybreak.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: why does his prophethood and revelation began with good visions? It's the merciful way of Allah to prepare him through visions; for he would've been terrified if it all began by the appearance of Gibril the angel. He صلى الله عليه وسلم would have not been able to carry the Message, but the divine preparation Allah blessed with him was through visions first. He would see it awake and in his sleeping state to strengthen his heart for what is yet to come.

(The lord of the glorious throne granted him evidences in which he realized the great miracles of Allah in the world of witnesses)

Sheikh Ali Paqees: on the third year of his seclusion at Cave of Hira'; a great incident occurred to the prophet.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi:  on a Monday of the month of Ramadan while the prophet was all alone praying to his Lord.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Gebril, the Angel, descended to him صلى الله عليه وسلم

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He would press him so hard and then let him go then says "Read"

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم replied: “I do not know how to read.” 

Sheikh Ali Paqees: the prophet narrated "again he caught me and pressed me hard then let go of me and said "Read" to which I replied "I do not know how to read" then Gebril pressed him hard for the third time till it exhausted him; then he let go of him and said:

{اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَق (1) خَلَقَ الْإِنْسَانَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ (2) اقْرَأْ وَرَبُّكَ الْأَكْرَمُ (3) الَّذِي عَلَّمَ بِالْقَلَمِ (4)} [العلق: 1-4]

Interpretation of the Meaning: "O Muhammad; read; Recite in the name of your Lord Who created, (1) created man from a clot of congealed blood. (2) Recite: and your Lord is Most Generous, (3) who taught by the pen (4) [Al-Alaq: 1-4]

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: it was too hard on the prophet, that revelation. He was left exhausted and terrified.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He returned to his wife Khadijah and told her "Cover me! Cover me!"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: and so she did; she covered the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

Sheikh Ali Paqees: when he calmed he addressed his wife "O Khadija what's happening to me? By Allah I fear that something might happen to me" his faithful righteous wife said

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: “Never! By Allah, Allah will never fail you. You keep good relations with your kith and kin"

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: "you help the poor and the destitute"

Sheikh Ali Paqees: "and assist the deserving, calamity-afflicted people; By Allah; he will never fail you"

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: those were his virtues even before the prophethood.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: When the mother of the believers calmed the prophet down; and eased his fears; she offered to introduce him to one of her relatives; a Christian who is very knowledgeable; and the prophet accepted to go

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Waraqah bin Nawfal who, during the pre-Islamic period had become a Christian; he read the Book in Arabic and in Hebrew. Khadija then entered accompanied by the prophet and presented the prophet to him.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: she (may Allah be pleased with her) presented the prophet to him; and told him about what happened to the prophet; and then the prophet narrated the whole story himself.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: thus Warqa's face brightened then he said "he is the same Angel Allah sent to Moses"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Warqa realized that it was Gebril whom Allah sends to deliver the revelations to the prophets, then he said

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: "I wish I were young"

Sheikh Ali Paqees: I wish I were young and could live up to the time when your people will turn you out.” The Messenger of Allah asked: “Will they drive me out?

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: indeed it was a surprise to the prophet; that he hurriedly inquired "Will they drive me out?"

Sheikh Ali Paqees: "Yes. By Allah; No man ever came with something similar to what you have brought except that he was treated with hostility"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "If I should remain alive till the day when you will be turned out, then I would support you strongly.”

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: the Divine Revelation ceased for a while; and in this; a hidden wisdom that Allah knew of; He the exalted.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: during those days in which the revelation ceased; the prophet was anxious.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: a struggle started within him; the earth, despite all its vastness, had become [too] narrow for him and his soul

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: all happened in accordance with the wisdom of the Lord

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: probably to give the prophet chance to calm down his heart and dismiss his fears; hence his heart wouldn't fear what have passed.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: and to be prepared to what's considered greater.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: among the causes too that the prophet may began to be eager to meet that Angel again and to long for a new revelation that order or forbid him ,teach or guide him.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: The prophet longed to see that great creature (the Angel) again; he needed to feel certain about this matter of prophethood and what he expected of carrying the Message of Allah.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet was a bit frightened during this period; he feared that he was going somehow mad; or suffering from illusions; or that it was some sort of priests' poems that his heart flattered

Sheikh Ali Paqees: One of those days the prophet ended his seclusion in the cave and went down to his home; on his way he heard a sound calling to him. He turned right and left and even behind him but no one was there.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: As he looked towards the sky he saw Gebril who he met in the cave before; sitting on a chair taking the capacity between the heavens and the earth!

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He was huge that he filled the horizon!

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The prophet became very frightened. He tumbled down to the floor and lost conscious then he got up.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He صلى الله عليه وسلم returned to his household saying "Cover me! Oh cover Me! Pour cold water over me" and so did Khadija. She covered him (may Allah be pleased with her), then Allah revealed:

{يَا أَيُّهَا الْمُدَّثِّرُ (1) قُمْ فَأَنْذِرْ (2) وَرَبَّكَ فَكَبِّرْ (3) وَثِيَابَكَ فَطَهِّرْ (4) وَالرُّجْزَ فَاهْجُرْ (5) وَلَا تَمْنُنْ تَسْتَكْثِرُ (6) وَلِرَبِّكَ فَاصْبِرْ (7)}  [المدثر: 1-7]

 Interpretation of the meaningh: "[O THOU [in thy solitude] enfolded! (1) Arise and warn! (2) And thy Sustainer's greatness glorify! (3) And thine inner self purify! (4) And all defilement shun! (5) And do not through giving seek thyself to gain, (6) but unto thy Sustainer turn in patience. (7)]" [Al-Muddaththir: 1-7]

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: and so began the mission of the Messenger of Allah to call unto the Lord and warn people from his punishment.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: Some Scholars said that Muhammad became a prophet when the verse of "Recite" was revealed and became a Messenger with the verses [O THOU [in thy solitude] enfolded! (1) Arise and warn!] for this was a clear announcement of the prophet's mission and prophet hood; and that he was obliged to carry that Message and mission; and to deliver it to the people and invite them to worship none but Allah and testify that there's no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: The sacred mission of the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم began; after this divine command to arise and warn; the call unto Allah hence started.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: It was only natural and rational to begin his mission by inviting the closest to him and the dearest to his heart, his wife Khadija

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: and indeed she was the first one to believe in the prophet's mission and embrace Islam

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: and she was by that time 55 years old. She accepted the invitation to Islam and complied with her Lord's commands and followed the prophet. She was his best supporter and assist.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: then it was the turn for Zaid bin Haritha, the second believer

Sheikh Ali Paqees: and the prophet's daughters embraced Islam as well

 Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: Fatimah, Um Kulthoom, and Ruqaiia, all of them believed in the prophet's mission, and indeed it was the pure house of believers.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: then the prophet invited one of his closest relatives: Ali bin Abi Talib while he was still a young lad called him unto Islam. Allah opened his heart to Islam and he followed the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Sheikh Khaled al-Khalawy: then come Abu bakr Alseddeeq his closest friend (may Allah be pleased with him)

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He is the one who knows the prophet's truthfulness before the mission of Islam

Sheikh abullateaf Alghamdi: he then set out carrying this guiding light and calling people unto it

Sheikh Dr zaid alQoroon: Thereupon, Abu bakr took the responsibility of calling unto the message. Thus, he began to call unto the religion of Allah secretly 

Sheikh Ali Paqees: In the early days, six of the prophet's companions who are promised paradise have converted to Islam through him. One of them was Talha bin Obaidullah.

Sheikh Dr zaid alQoroon:and Alzubair ibn Al-'awam

Sheikh Ali Paqees: 'Uthman bin 'Affan

Sheikh Dr zaid alQoroon: Saa'd bin abi Waqqas

Sheikh Ali Paqees: and Abdurrahman bin awf also converted to Islam.

Sheikh zaid alQoroon: A great number of the prophet's companions have converted to Islam as well. The prophet continued to call unto Islam which resulted in Bilal bin Rabah's conversion as well (may Allah be pleased with him). The prophet's secret Call lasted for 3 years صلى الله عليه وسلم.

Sheikh abullatif Al-Ghamdi: Among the revelation, Allah has revealed to his slave Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم this great divine calling: [O you enveloped in garments, arise and warn.] He صلى الله عليه وسلم arose to save people from hell and calling them to believe in the All-mighty and the Often-forgiving سبحانه وتعالى.

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Three years have passed while the prophet secretly calling the people unto the new religion

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Then the verse was revealed to him by Allah:

  {وَأَنْذِرْ عَشِيرَتَكَ الْأَقْرَبِينَ}  [الشعراء: 214]

Interpretation of the meaning: "and warns your tribe of near kindred" [Ash-Shuara: 214]

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He immediately called for bani Hashim and Banu 'Abdul-Muttalib. Hence 45 men were summoned to him.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Amongst them was his uncle Abu Lahab. No sooner did he see the prophet summoning his people to call them unto Islam than he abused him severely .He صلى الله عليه وسلم stopped and the meeting was ended.

Sheikh Dr zaid alQoroon: Days passed by but the prophet again called for his kinsmen to invite them unto Islam.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: Praise be to Allah whom I believe in and seek His help, I put my trust in Him, I bear witness that there is no god to be worshipped but Allah with no associate. A guide can never lie to his people. I swear by Allah, there is no god but him.  That I have been sent as a Messenger to you, in particular

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: and to all the people, in general. I swear by Allah you will die just as you sleep,

Sheikh Ali Paqees: you will be resurrected just as you wake up.

 Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon:By Allah; You will be called to account for your deeds.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: It is then either Hell forever or the Garden (Paradise) forever."

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: those words had a great impact upon the people. His uncle Abu-talib stood saying "do as you like my nephew. We will aid and support you" however he did not respond to the prophet message (peace be upon him) positively.

Sheikh Ali Paqees: his uncle Abu-Lahab strongly objected him. However, no sooner had the prophet heard abu Talib's supporting words than he began immediately his calling unto Allah more energetic thanhe was.

 Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Abu-Talib's supporting words; comforted the prophet and assured him. He  immediately headed for Al-Safa Mountain and ascended it.

 Sheikh Khalid al-khalawy: Prophet, as they used to do when telling important news, mounted up Al-safa

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He, the bearer of glad tidings and the Warner, shouted on top of his lungs: O daybreak O daybreak.

 Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: He then called to the people of Mecca, Quraish and 'Abdul-muttalib

Sheikh Ali Paqees: When Quraish heard the prophet calling from above Al-safa mount.

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: they came to him individually and in groups 

Sheikh Khalid al-khalawy: till they were all gathered

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: he who was not able to attend; sent someone to bring him the news.                                                                          

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: then the prophet peace be upon him said: "You see, if I were to tell you that there were some horsemen in the valley planning to raid you,"

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: "will you believe me?"  They said: Yes we will; "Yes, By Allah we have never experienced any lie from you." he said: I am a Warner to you in face of a severe torment" 


 Sheikh Ali Paqees: His uncle Abu-lahab stood saying: perish you all the day ,for that you have gathered us?


Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: he seems as denouncing the prophet's message; accusing him of lying in conveying the call unto Allah; so Allah سبحانه وتعالى has revealed:

{تَبَّتْ يَدَا أَبِي لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ (1) مَا أَغْنَى عَنْهُ مَالُهُ وَمَا كَسَبَ (2) سَيَصْلَى نَارًا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍ (3)} [ المسد: 1-3]

 Interpretation of the meaning: "perish the two hands of Abi Lahab of the glowing countenance: and doomed is he! (1) What will his wealth avail him, and all that he has gained? (2) [In the life to come] he shall have to endure a fire fiercely glowing" [Al-Masad: 1-3]

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: He then صلى الله عليه وسلم him called Mecca tribes with this prophetic, kind and merciful calling

Sheikh Ali Paqees: O Quraish save your selves from hell

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: I do not avail you in the least against the will of Allah

Sheikh Ali Paqees:O Bani Ka'b save yourselves from hellز

Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: "I do not avail you in the least against the will of Allah." He called all the tribes and families residing in Mecca and then he pertained to his relatives and people of his house saying :O 'Abbas the prophet's uncle save yourself from hell I do not avail you in the least against the will of Allah. O Safeyya, the prophet's aunt, save yourself from hell I do not avail you in the least against the will of Allah

Sheikh Ali Paqees: O Fatima, daughter of Muhammed!

 Sheikh Abdullateaf Al-Ghamdi: "Ask me whatever you wish to give you from my fortune; but I do not avail you in the least against the will of Allah" he was calling him with his heart full of eagerness for them to embrace Islam the religion of Allah سبحانه وتعالى

Sheikh Ali Paqees: He started to warn his tribe of near kindred

Sheikh Zaid al-Qoroon: Consequently, revelation follow in succession to the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and among the verses revealed:

{فَاصْدَعْ بِمَا تُؤْمَرُ وَأَعْرِضْ عَنِ الْمُشْرِكِينَ} [ الحجر: 94]

 Interpretation of the meaning: "Proclaim openly Allah's message that which you are commanded and turn away from disbelievers"

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