Humble Yourself

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As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Al-Kirizi (a poet) once said:

‘And do not walk upon the earth except in humbleness,
For how many people underneath it are more exalted than you!
If you are in glory, goodness and strength,
Then how many have died that were more stronger than you.’

Two beautiful statements:

‘Umar ibn al-Khattab said:

‘If a man humbles himself to Allah, then Allah will raise him and say to him, ‘Rise up, may Allah raise you!’ because he sees himself to be insignificant whilst he is great in the eyes of people. But if a slave is arrogant and transgresses, then Allah casts him away saying, ‘Be lowly, may Allah lower you!’ because he sees himself to be great whilst he is insignificant in the eyes of people.’

And Abu Hatim (Ibn Hibban) said:

‘The most virtuous person is the one who is humble despite being of high rank, who is ascetic despite having the capabilities and who forgives despite having power. A person doesn’t abandon humbleness except that he is at the door of arrogance and a person is never arrogant towards others except that he is someone who’s become amazed at his own self. I have never seen anybody prove arrogant over others except that Allah punishes him by subjecting him to humiliation under those who are above him.’

[ Rawdhat al-’Uqala]

Shaykh ‘Abdul-Muhsin Al-Qaasim; Khutbah from Haramain

'Dear brother! Throw away the garb of superiority for it is not yours. It is your Creator’s. Adorn yourself with the garb of humbleness, for no man has a little amount of arrogance in his heart except that his sense of reasoning diminishes in proportion to his arrogance.'

May Allah grant us all humbleness from Him which only raises us in rank, and may He give us the tawfiq (guidance) to react well and in good manner when others act arrogantly towards us. Ameen

Source: Fajr

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