Ar-Rifâ'i was again summoned for investigation

Since 2012-12-23

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Ar-Rifâ'i was again summoned for investigation in the public prosecutor's office.


After finishing the investigation, Sheikh Sayyid Fu'âd ibn Sayyid Abdurrahman Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini, the Chairman of the Islamic center of Wathakker, has made a press statement where he said, "I have been charged with contempt and disdain for the Constitution as well as inciting to breach the public order. This is a repeated accusation, which we face every time we publish anything in regard to the so-called constitution, the statutory law, and the democratic system. Whenever we published a statement or a press statement about this subject, this charge is drawn against us."

Sayyid Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini added, "O Muslims, democracy, the so-called constitution, and the statutory laws, are all among the polytheistic and infidel matters in the scale of the Noble Quran and Honored Sunnah. (See our book: Democracy in the Scale)

The Muslim faces two things considering this issue:

Firstly, he pays no attention to what is revealed in the Noble Quran and the honored Sunnah. He takes democracy as his creed and refers to the Constitution, in lieu of the Noble Quran. He seeks decision from the statuary laws instead of the Laws of Allah Almighty.

If the Muslim does that, Allah forbids, he then has left the pale of Islam to the pale of infidelity; he has lost this worldly life along with the hereafter.

However, this is not an option.

Secondly: the Muslim speaks loudly and openly with the truth. He clarifies for people the religious rulings and obligations, which Allah Almighty has enjoined on the people. This is the work and condition of the callers to Allah. The caller to Allah will inevitably be trialed and hurt in the cause of Allah, Glorified and Exalted."


Sayyid Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini further added in his statement, "If people abandoned the lustrous desires of the souls and the whispers of Satan, if they were to think with a clear mind away from the doubtful matters and deformations, if they were to envision the true nature of the Law of Allah; its purity, justice, mercy, and wisdom, they would not help but to hasten to it."


He concluded his statement saying, "We ask Allah almighty to make us from the callers to Him, and to bestow upon us firmness and success. He is Able to do that.

Let us all shout and say (people want the Law of Allah)


O Allah, guide my people for they do not know. have I conveyed, O Allah be my witness."


Written by your brother Abu Abdullah

Sayyid Fu'âd ibn Sayyid Abdurrahman Ar-Rifâ'i Al-Husseini

Dhul-Hijjah 26, 1433 AH

November 11, 2012



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