One Step Closer - High Aspiration

Since 2012-12-05

1- A beautiful principle that can change our life, one of the most profound aspects of a Muslim character, it really played a major role in the History of Islam, and it is the basis for great personalities and achievements.

2- It is something that Allah loves, so it is an act of worship, that brings goodness, success, paradise, and takes us one step closer to Allah.

3- Allah created two worlds this dunya which is the lowest, and the Next Life Which is the highest, so our high aspiration should be attached to the Next Life, because in order for us to be great people in this life and in the Hereafter we shouldn’t attach ourselves to trivial things, because Allah hates the insignificant matters.

4- High aspiration is something that our beloved prophet Muhammad wants us to have, and he himself was a clear manifestation of high aspiration, he always wanted to do the best in worshiping Allah, in the battle field, and even on the Day of Judgment, his high aspiration will take us out from the most difficult situation. Our prophet never settled for low things, he was only seeking the comforts of the Hereafter, and that was also the situation of his companions like Bilal who was from a family of slaves, but he is our master, his high aspiration was not something that he was born with, it was something that he cultivated, so high aspiration is something with which we can differentiate between great people and normal people who happened to come to this life, live and then die.

5- Once you channel your life sincerely towards Allah with knowledge and strong creed, you will start to feel the potential Allah Has put in you. And if you want to know your high aspiration look at your action, your position today in this life and in the sight of Allah is a result of your aspiration, because your aspiration got you to where you are today.

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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