Ancestors and Honoring Parents

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Some scholars of Islam said: “Who honors his father, shall have a long life, and who honors his mother shall find what pleases him, and who looks sharply to his parents is disobedient to them.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Praise to Allah solely, and praise and blessings upon whom no prophet is beyond
Put your foot on my cheek:
Mohamed Ibn Al-Monkar used to put his cheek on the floor and told his mother: “Put your foot on my cheek”.

Away from Kindness:
Orwa Ibn Az-Zobair said: “He who looks askance to his father is ungrateful to him”.

Kindness of Omar Ibn Thar to his father:
When Omar Ibn Thar died they asked his father: “How was his relationship with you?”
He said: “He never walked with me at night except in front of me, and never walked with me in daylight except behind me, and never went up on a roof where I was standing under”.

Feared to eat with his mother:
Narrated by Aly Ibn Al Hussein, may Allah gratifies him, that he feared to eat with his mother. When he was asked about this, he said: “I am afraid that my hands outrun the food that her eyes looked at, so I would be ungrateful to her”.

Feeds his mother with his own hands:
Narrated by Mohamed Ibn Seireen: The palm cost, during Ossman Ibn Affan era, 1000 dirhams. So Ossama cut a palm and fed its fruits to his mother. They asked him: “What made you do that while knowing that the palm costs 1000 dirhams?”
He said: “My mother wanted its fruits, and I shall give her anything she asks for and which I am capable of.”

The kindest in this nation:
Aisha, may Allah gratifies her, said: “Two of messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him, companions were the most kindest to their mothers in this nation: Ossman Ibn Affan and Haretha Ibn An-noman, may Allah gratifies them. As far as Ossman, he said: “Since I entered Islam I could never lift my eyes to my mother again.”
As of Haretha, he used to delouse and groom his mother’s hair, fed her with his own hand, and never questioned whatever she ordered. He even asked whoever visited her, after his visit, what she desired?!”
Which is better?
Mohamed Ibn Al Monkar said: “My brother spent his night praying, while I spent the night massaging my mother’s feet, and I would never trade my night with his!!”.
Kindness of Kahmis:
Kahmis used to work in plastering for a daily wage of two daneqs, with which he bought fruits for his mother every night and gave them to her.

Imam feeding chicken:
Hayawa Ibn Sharih, one of the Moslems Imams, used to tutor people in his gathering, and whenever his mother tells him: “Hayawa, go put barley for the chicken”. He leaves the gathering and does what his mother told him to do!!

Imam does not lift his eyes to his mother:
Narrated by Bakr Ibn Abbas said: “I was probably with Mansour during one of his gatherings, when his mother, who was rude and offensive, yelled at him: “Mansour! Ibn Hobaira wants you to preside over the judiciary, how could you refuse that?!” He just lowered his head till his beard touched his chest and did not lift his eyes to her”.

Emancipating two Moslems:
Narrated by Aoun Ibn Abdullah, that his mother called him, and his voice was loud as he replied, so he emancipated two Moslems.

Bites me not her:
Kahmis wanted to kill a scorpion. When it fled and entered into a hole he reached with his hand after it and he was bitten. They asked him: “How could you enter your hand into the hall?” He said: “I was afraid it would come out of the hole and bites my mother”. 

Stood still till his mother woke up:
Om Mosaar asked him for water in the middle of the night. He brought her a goatskin of water. But when he returned he found her sleeping again. So he stood there with the goatskin in his hand till the morning rose.

Nice saying:
Some scholars of Islam said: “Who honors his father, shall have a long life, and who honors his mother shall find what pleases him, and who looks sharply to his parents is disobedient to them.
Abi Horaira politeness with his mother:
Narrated by Abi Horaira, may Allah gratifies him: that whenever he wanted to go out, he stood at his mother’s door and said: “Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you, mother.”
She replied: “And peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you too, son.”
He said: “May Allah be merciful to you as you brought me up when I was a child.”
She replied: “May Allah be merciful to you as you honored me when I grew old.”
And he did the same whenever he came back to the house.
He also regularly carried his mother to the lavatory – bathroom – and descended her, as she was blind.
This is how our ancestors treated their parents, so where do we stand from this?! We ask Allah to spare us His detestation.
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