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These are some ideas to take heed of the Holy Qur'an in the blessed month of Ramadan. We selected most of it from Multaqa Ahl Al-Tafseer forum (The Assembly of the folks of the Qur'an forum) and ascribed every idea to whom devised it...

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All Praise is due to Allah, and Prayers and Peace upon the last prophet.

These are some ideas to take heed of the Holy Qur’an in the blessed month of Ramadan. We selected most of it from Multaqa Ahl Al-Tafseer forum (The Assembly of the folks of the Qur’an forum) and ascribed every idea to whom devised it.

The stories of the Qur’an

There is no doubt that everyone knows that Ramadan is the month of Qur’an,
{The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an}[Al-Baqarah 2:185]

{ شَهْرُ رَمَضَانَ الَّذِي أُنْـزِلَ فِيهِ الْقُرْآنُ }
Transliteration: Shahru Ramađāna Al-Ladhī 'Unzila Fīhi Al-Qur'ānu

The nation must be well reminded with this fact so it will return to its real constitution, source of pride, strength, and happiness.

It came to my knowledge that pausing after Tarawih Prayer (Night prayer associated with ‘Isha’ in Ramadan) to interpret the stories in the Holy Qur’an touches peoples heart and affects the way they listen to it. Moreover, it appeals them to stay in the Masjid to listen, as stories have a special effect on their souls. Thus its important if we emphasize on this point. (Brother Nawaf Al-Harethi)

Explaining ambiguous meanings in the Qur’an

I explain a term of the ambiguous terminology in the Qur’an every day, prior to ‘Isha’ Prayer, maximum of ten minutes a session or maybe less. Thus, the month of Ramadan won’t pass by until people have acknowledged 30 of the ambiguous terms in the Qur’an with its derivatives and where it was stated in other verses of the Holy Qur’an.

Qur’an contest

It could take many forms, one of them that I chose, is selecting a question related to the part read in this day. In the first day a question is selected from the first part and in the second day a question is selected from the second part etc…

The notion behind this is to get people connected to the Qur’an intensively around the month. Thus the day will correlate with the part where the question will be derived from and asked in the evening. There will be suitable prizes motivating people on taking part. There is a lot of benefits lying behind such competition like knowledge and other things.

Session on Contemplation

The session’s duration will be 20 minutes after ’Asr Prayer, twice a week. That would constitute eight sessions for the whole month covering the basis of pondering on the verses of the Qur’an along with practical application adequate to the understanding of people. This enlightens the minds of people to contemplate through the month of Ramadan.

Reviving an idea (Read the Qur’an Interpretation in your language)

This is specifically for individuals not well versed in the Arabic language. The Imam would provide them with copies of Qur’an interpretation translated to their language; motivate them to read in Ramadan while supervising over them in a suitable manner. Some brothers raised a fund naming it “Interpretation of the Qur’an” in seven live languages for the foreign communities in Saudi Arabia. The idea is applicable in any place densely populated with muslims from foreign countries. (The previous four ideas by brother Abdul Rahman Al-Shihri)

Qur’an Sermon

In Ramadan, lectures and sermons increase. If it was directed or most of it towards topics regarding Qur’an and attaching people to it would be much recommended than plain lectures. I have tested this approach by interpreting the meanings of Surat Al-Kahf in Al-Tarawih Prayer; people interacted with this way, and demanded its continuation for the upcoming years. (Brother Ahmad Al-Buraidy)

The general notion of an Ayah (verse)

In my humble experience, handle a part of the Qur’an, discuss the main notion that this part covers and connecting it to the rest of the verses. This is applied for years now. Its advantages:

1) Acknowledgement of what the Imam is reciting.

2) Pause with every meaning stated and eagerly waiting for the next verse.

It was hard in the first years of practicing this idea and time passed by fast. It was hard to cover a whole part in twenty minutes, but by time Allah Almighty facilitated the means to accomplish the task. (Brother ‘Alal Burbeyq)

Idea for working sisters

This idea is dedicated to our employed sisters. Specify a time before school hours, let it be half an hour, to revise the holly Qur’an the way Jibreel, Peace be upon him, used to do with the Messenger of Allah, Prayers and peace of Allah be upon him. (Sister Latifa Bint Muhammad)

Qur’an Reminders

Every woman could pass a reminder from time to time among her work colleagues from the sisters or her female students to increase the love of Allah’s Book in their hearts. In addition to the contest that could be made in the spare time at school and in their home, there is much time for that.

Qur’anic Ideas for the Family

Family members must be keen on attending Tarawih prayer in one of the Masjids and attentively listening to the recitation. The mother will then ask everyone about the verses recited in the prayer and which Surah, and to encourage who answers her. A mother must also repeat the verses of the Qur’an while talking to her children and relating it to real life situations. Family members could compete to prepare daily Qur’anic benefits to read by a child on the rest of the family members after breaking their fast then he would be rewarded. The most important thing to the children is to realise that Qur’an banquets must be extended like food banquets with other people. (Sister Noor Al-Qur’an)

Simple Tafseer (interpretation)

For the last couple of years I have been pausing to the verses the Imam recites in Tahajud (voluntary night prayer in the second half of the night) one hour prior to the prayer. I read a brief interpretation of the verses, in attempt to revive the hearts through the meaning, benefits and parables the verses carry. This experience took place in King Khalid’s Masjid in Riyadh; large number of sisters attended the prayer. I saw the submissiveness and humility on their faces, they even approached me after the prayer ended to assure me that they felt the great effect from understanding the verses and the parables it carries, moreover their interaction with the recitation of the Imam while understanding more than when they listened without understanding and contemplating. They insisted that I do the same thing with Tarawih Prayer. This indicates the importance of understanding and contemplating on the verses of the Qur’an, rather than just skim reading it like poetry or scattering it like old dates. Oh my, when will the folks of the Qur’an return to it, to contemplate on it, understand and reflect on its parables and examples. (Sister Mayadah Bint Kamel Al-Maddy)

Qur’an gathering for children

Educating and disciplining youngsters to be attached to the Qur’an through a gathering every three or two nights, selecting verses that suit them to be educated by their father. The effect of this method is constructive and strengthening at the same time. I am sure that it will achieve the way of our righteous forefathers Building (Faith before the Qur’an); it also facilitates the receiving of religious rules by the children. (Brother Omar Al-Muqbil)

Reading through one of the simple Qur’an interpretation

Ramadan is the month of the Qur’an. Let’s begin the Qur’an journey through the month, by reading through a simple Qur’an interpretation book – like Tayseer Al-Kareem Al-Rahman Fee Tafseer Klam Al-Manan by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Nasir Al-Sa’di – all the family would gather around daily. (Brother Muhammad Hassan Yusuf)

Compiled by the department of researches in Al-Watan House

Translated by Wathakker.info website


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