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And Made it a secure sacred place where no blood is shed in nor a Muslim is horrid, hunting is not allowed in it, lost things are not picked from its grounds unless to be verified.

In the name of Allah Most gracious Most Merciful

In Hajj there are lessons and parables…
Allah Almighty Made Ka’bah the destination of Muslims, choosing for it the secured land and Honored it by swearing by this land in His book where He, Glorified and Exalted, said: {By this city of security (Makkah).} [Surat At-Tin 95:3]
{وَهَذَا الْبَلَدِ الأمِينِ} التِّين: 3
Transliteration: Wa Hadhā Al-Baladi Al-'Amīn
And Made it a secure sacred place where no blood is shed in nor a Muslim is horrid, hunting is not allowed in it, lost things are not picked from its grounds unless to be verified. Moreover, accepted Hajj wipes all sins and wrongdoings, and has no reward except entering Paradise in peace as stated in the Hadîth: “…and the accepted Hajj has no reward except paradise.” [Agreed upon]
«....والحجُّ المبرور ليس له جزاءٌ إلا الجنَّة» متفقٌ عليه
So we praise Allah, Glorified and Exalted, that He Made the sacred house a destination for people and a secured place, and He made Hajj amongst the pillars of Islam the obligation of a life time, and Almighty completed the religion with it, and He perfected His grace upon us with it, and revealed on His Prophet prayers and peace of Allah be upon him: {…This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islâm as your religion…} [Surat Al-Mâ`idah 5:3]
{الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِي وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمُ الإِسْلامَ دِينًا} المائدة: 3
Transliteration: Al-Yawma 'Akmaltu Lakum Dīnakum Wa 'Atmamtu `Alaykum Ni`matī Wa Rađītu Lakumu Al-'Islāma Dīnā
The scholars said: “The valid Hajj is the accepted one: It is the one which had been observed completely in it the physical and spiritual actions of worship.”
The accepted Hajj (the one that includes no sexual intercourse or obscenity i.e. obscene language, badmouthing, insulting and acting in bad manners) has a good impact on the self and the way of reform. A result of taking out time to yourself from your family, hometown and other worldly affairs, moreover, drawing nearer to Allah Almighty, reviving the rituals of the greatest of guiders and the foot mark of the best of Messengers, without any gain for yourself except the former. So, whoever observed Hajj in this way and his heart immersed in this feeling, he will be expected to wipe out any impact of the long gone sins.
Shaikh Muhammad Bahjat Al-Beettar said: “From this point the self-strives towards better obedience and be steadfast on the way of guidance, which we could say that it was newly born.”
The wisdom behind Hajj is numerous; every ritual of Hajj has its significance as a reminder and parable for who pondered. Allah Almighty Has Honored the sacred house by referring it to Him, Making it a destination for worship and what surrounds it from lands sacred exalting its status. The sacredness of this house is emphasized through the prohibition of hunting and cutting down trees in its area, even circumambulating around the house resembles the one done by the angels around the throne. The circumambulation around the Ka’bah is not meant by it the body, but the circumambulation of the heart with the remembrance of Allah.
During Sa`i between As-Safa and Al-Marwa you show sincerity in servitude and hope to be granted mercy.
Standing on ‘Arafa, among the crowds, raising their voice in different languages, reminds you with the nations standing between the hands of Allah Almighty on the Day of Resurrection.
Throwing pebbles in obedience to the Most Gracious, following His order, repression to Satan and disabling him. In every rite of the rituals there is wisdom and noble intentions. This is one of the few examples from the many reasons behind Hajj, wisdoms and benefits. A person would think how great is Hajj?
Traveling to the sacred Masjid in the sacred town, the homeland of the Messenger - prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, where the revelation descended and the source of illumination.
How magnificent is Hajj in the capital of Islam, the destination of its children and the gathering place of every Muslim every year from all around the world with their different races, tongues and the vast distance between their lands; to attend some benefits for them either it was spiritual or physical benefit, religious or worldly benefit from the grace of Allah and blessing.
What a great image, seeing pilgrims in a state of Ihram (consecration) and answering Allah’s invitation with Talbiyah, and on Allah is their reward; circumambulating, dedicated, bowing, prostrating, going from and to As-Safa and Al-Marwa, acquainted and merciful towards each other in the house of Allah Glorified and Exalted, seeking blessing from Allah and His satisfaction.
It is to be affirmed that the rituals of Hajj carry within its practice wisdoms and secrets. Moreover, in every act of the rituals of Hajj there is a reminder to the mindful and a parable for the contemplator, if its gates opened revealing its secrets it would lead to the purity of his heart, the abundant knowledge and understanding it withholds.
Hajj is the annual general conference of Muslims in the descent of revelation and the secured land, and in the sacred Masjid the cradle of Islam and where Muslims circumambulate. What you see in this occasion from harmony and love reflects with an aroma through the Muslim lands having the best impact on the soul of every Muslim. No wonder after all that if the Muslims respond back to their Lord with Hajj.
Hajj… lessons:
This is Hajj, arriving and leaving, traveling and moving, Tawaf and Sa’i which includes hurrying and slowing down. Even the Messenger of Allah -prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- made out of Sa’i an event to warn the polytheists and to show the power of the Muslims in ‘Umrat Al-Qaddâ` while the people of Makkah where watching thinking that the Muslims would be weak and ill.
Shaikh Mahmoud ‘Ali Ahmad says: “That the complete physical wisdom behind Hajj is that it comes in all the seasons of the year (different years). All other Islamic occasions are connected to the lunar months, so a Muslim would be accommodated to work, Jihad and endeavor in every time unconcerned with change in seasons and weather, also to be organized and punctual. Rituals of Hajj are specified in a known date and time, like standing on ‘Arafa, moving on to Muzdalifah Ifaddah and throwing the pebbles.
Isn’t it not that this wisdom must be cared for by educators, athletes and every individual who seek for their nation strength, honor and bravery {…But honour, power and glory belong to Allâh, and to His Messenger (Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم), and to the believers…} [Surat Al-Munafiqûn 63:8]
{وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ} المنافقون: 8
Transliteration: Wa Lillahi Al-`Izzatu Wa Lirasūlihi Wa Lilmu'uminīn
The state made a budget for sports and military training, which implies that sport, is power, pure manhood and honor. Connecting sports to worship is needed to engage emotions and sentiments with the heart in carrying it out, thus sports will turn into physical strength and spiritual worship with its benefits in this worldly life and in the hereafter it is rewarded for.
When people are immersed in materialism preoccupied from beneficial production in their life Hajj redirects this materialism to serve the truth.
Islam is not all about stated theories and does not stop at calling people to truth; it exceeds these limits by linking theory with application. That’s why it called for closeness and cooperation then it founded for familiarity praying in congregation; Obligated Jumu’ah and the two ‘Eid prayers for the people of the home country and made Hajj the conference of all the Muslim states. A writer presented Makkah in the season of Hajj as the center of United Muslim nations.
Chaos have rampaged our homes, society and gatherings, we even had enough from our state and we need an immediate remedy to cure us from this state, and to change it from a wrecking chaos to developing system and from a dividing rage to an overall tranquility.
If we look for this remedy we will find it in this great obligation -Obligation of Hajj-, moreover you would find it in the united dress that the pilgrims wear, circumambulating at the same time, and their answering of their God’s invitation for Hajj in the same time with the same supplications. Their unity in religion imposes on them to unite and cohere.
The obligation of Hajj calls for organization, tidiness and punctuality. Whenever we dye our lives, societies and homes with these attributes it will ripe the fruits intended from it and we will be in a better state by the grace of Allah Almighty and by the benefits of reviving the ritual of Hajj in ourselves.
Despite the facilitation of matters and paving the roads for the comfort of pilgrims, safety and security upon ones money and self-played a big role in increasing the number pilgrims year by year. What you hear from the pilgrims from stories and tales, and what we read in the newspapers and magazines about the prevalent safety and security in this secured land makes us believe in its sole state of security that some states are deprived from in the east and west.
It is not strange for a country that took sanctuary in the religion of Islam and made it its reference, applying its teachings to turn into illuminate lantern that guides whoever strayed from the righteous way to imitate and take the same steps.
Hajj… Memories:
Pilgrimage is religious, physical and a spiritual trip imposed by many religions even with their different creeds through history. Ancient Egyptians used to perform pilgrimage, Greeks, Chinese, Indians, Christians and Jews, all the former had their own pilgrimage as pilgrimage has a lot of benefits not included in any other ritual.
Arabs before Islam used to perform their Hajj to Ka’bah, observing its rites from Tawaf to Sa’i and other rituals of Hajj. Then Islam came stabilizing some of these rituals that comply with its pure teachings and rule out others.
Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and mentioning Hajj as the fifth pillar after the Shahadah (Ash-hadu An Lâ Ilaha Ilâ Allâh Wa Ash-Hadu An Muhamdan ‘Abduhu Wa Rasuluh) I testify that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, Praying, Zakah (alms or charity), Fasting Ramadan and Hajj because it is the worship of a lifetime, the completion of Islam and the perfection of your religion.
Hajj includes a lot of religious benefits. A pilgrim when getting ready to leave his hometown remembers his actions and sins leaving a feeling of remorse and urge to accept goodness. This leads to wiping his sins until pure, thus being nearer to good and further from evil.
When a pilgrim carries out the rituals of Hajj his first action will be consecration (Ihram). This action entails leaving all garments that had been sewed and wear to pieces of towels, one laid on the shoulder and the other wrapped around the waist covering the lower part till under the knees. As for the feet no shoes are allowed only slippers. Choosing white garments in consecration carries a lot of meanings like; purity, cleanliness (bodily and spiritual). Note: this is only for men; women can wear anything not contradicting the code of Hijab.
In the way the whiteness of pilgrims means purity of their souls, their ongoing slogan is Talbiyah Labayk Allâhuma Labayk, Labayk Lâ shareeka Laka Labyk, Ina Alhamda Wani’mata Laka wal Mulk La shareeka Lak (O Allah we answered your call, we answered Your call ‘O’ One with no partner we answered Your call, All praise and blessings is Yours and the dominion, O One with no partners).
This would be the state of a pilgrim throughout Hajj whenever he meets a person or a group of people ascending or descending he would repeat “Labayk Allahuma Labayk”, to be always reminded with his position of standing In front of his Lord, to preserve cleanliness and purity of the self and its yearning to its Creator.
Mr. Ahmad Ameen says: “The pilgrim stays in this state of consecration and Talbiyah, pondering over Allah and asking him insisting until he enters Makkah.”
In all these actions a pilgrim is doing physical effort like playing some kind of sports alongside with this spiritual workout. This easy lifestyle, normal clothing, ongoing motion, traveling and its problems makes out of a human real man capable of exerting effort not dipped into the luxury of life that goes with manhood.
If a pilgrim sees Makkah, his brain flashes with memories, “Is this Makkah that was a valley with no plantation?”
Is this Makkah the town that got more and more famous until people headed to it from all four corners of earth?
Is this Makkah the town where Quraysh lived and had pride holding the keys of the Ka’bah?
Is this Makkah where the Messenger of guidance - prayers and peace of Allah be upon him - was born in and revelation descended on him through the period of 13 years?
Is this Makkah that withheld within it all these crucial events, the religious, societal and military events?
Is this Makkah that the Messenger of Allah -prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- migrated from after a long time of oppression towards him and his companions - may Allah be pleased with them?
Is this Makkah the destination of people from the time of Ibrahîm -peace be upon him- till our very day?
All these memories and other things fill-up the self, embracing the heart, leading to the season of Hajj, then you would see the wonder of wonders, hundreds of thousands of people in their Ihram garments overwhelmed with a spiritual feeling, crying out with invocations and Talbiyah as if looking at a festival that exceeds any other with all this diversity in color, tongue, traditions, except their creed is one, their worship and brotherhood. In this conference feeling love is spread in it, brotherhood, equity and compassion.
Here, in Makkah, all people are equal and every individual evaluates his own self. Nobody is favored over the other with their money, status, color or any other worldly Affair.
These are all memories that pass by the head of a pilgrim while being in the season of Hajj. May Allah Almighty accept from Muslims their Hajj and makes it a reason of blessings, happiness and honor to All Muslims.
Hajj… opportunities:
Honored Makkah: Is still the continuous obstacle in the way of the enemies of Islam, their plots and destructive efforts; as it is the sanctuary of Ka’bah, the place where divine revelation started descending, the destination of people and where the hearts of all Muslims look up to in the whole world either far or near.
It is the pivot, center, beginning, ending, the place of engagement and bond for every Muslim no Matter how far their lands falls, or how different their language and nationality to their Muslim brothers in the east or west.
Muslims read the confession of plotters against their religion and destination while being inattentive to their intention and goals, and the worrying actions of haters whether it’s obvious or not.
Priest William Jivor Palkraph says: “Whenever the Qur`an and the city of Makkah are taken from the lands of the Arabs we will see the Arab ascending on the steps of civilization that was deprived by Muhammad and his book.”
The Russian writer Klimovic: “Hajj is the source of income for Arab Merchandisers and feudal, and Qur`an was merely written to please these feudal and merchandisers.”
All these claims that the season of Hajj is merely an opportunity for feudal and merchandisers, the Qur`an was authored by Muhammad or the Muslims to please these feudal is nothing but -and the words are for Mr. Mohammad Ahmad Gamal- to deviate the pilgrims of their country and others circuiting the orbit of international communism from observing this congregative and preventive obligation, and to save the expenses of Hajj to increase in production. Thus, there is no importance for Hajj; rather there is no need for religion where they call it the opium of nations!!
Sadly in compliance with the intentions of occupiers that are awaiting cunningly for any chance against Muslims, a person called Al-Baha` (the founder of the Baha`i sect) advised to destroy the Ka’bah, because it the congregative and preventive. Congregative, as it gathers the Muslims notwithstanding their remote lands, diverse tongue and color. Preventive, as it prevents against the rupture and tearing down of Muslims, where they direct their selves to it five times a day, not mentioning any God except Allah; The One. There is no nation except Islam anywhere. So people perform Hajj to it every year where the destined and relatives, black and white meet with no lineage between them except Islam and no greeting except with Islam.
Hajj -as said by Shaikh Muhammad al-Ghazali in his book (defending the religious creed)- disturbs the stability of occupiers and weakens their plots. As the Muslim in Dakar on the Atlantic shores meets his brother from Singapore and Malaysia on the pacific shores, he will penetrate the isolation imposed by the occupiers to imprison him behind it so they could get rid of him easily.
Tearing down the ties of Islam and isolating every Arab territory from the other is a primary goal for the crusaders policy, Hajj is a natural worship for all Muslims from all over the world, in one day and a single place. So if there is other religious teachings arise -as claimed- to topple this obligation and hinder, all this crowd from it, this will be the real victory for the occupiers and a huge step to accomplish their goals.
After all that, Hajj is a great opportunity to better ones self and the society, and it falls on the shoulders of the leaders of Muslims from rulers and scholars to work hardly to benefit from this annual opportunity to attain honor for the Muslim world.
The Muslim world is going through a crucial phase during the season of Hajj, as in every new season there are new pilgrims that haven’t observed Hajj before.
Then why don’t we benefit from these new comers, in the field of Islamic Media, to silence these occupiers and unfold their claims and plots.
The Islamic world feels lonely and isolated; it will be quite pleased if in every place there is informing about its principles and virtues, its lands and mountains, with every spot on this earth through all cultures and languages possible. Therefore, we must intensify efforts, energy and preserve determination and tools.
It is time!!
Hajj is the congregative conference for all Muslims, where they meet in detached from any bond except the bonds of Islam, in this great gathering, detached from any attribute except the attributes of Islam, naked from every garment except for an unsowed garments. No individual is preferred over the other, a tribe over the other, a race over the other as Islam is the only common lineage that represents the unity of Muslims.
Among the blessings of Allah Almighty upon us in this age and time that he facilitated for us the means to get to His sacred house, where the person living in the farthest territory in this world would find himself in a couple of hours in Allah’s sacred house, in comparison to what our ancestors found of efforts and dangers to get there. Moreover, the blessing of safety and security that the pilgrim experiences.
Consecrating in two white garments reminds the pilgrim with his coffin, so that is a travel to ‘Arafa, and the other is a travel to the great gathering, so if you wear the two white garments of Ihram it would remind you of your coffin.
Among the other wisdoms behind consecration is equity. The rich and poor, the noble and the low are all wearing the garments of Ihram without discrimination.
Hajj is the gathering of the Muslims from every place, every far land they gather in one spot, invoking one God, Leaving behind their families and properties to satisfy their Lord.
Doesn’t this pillar show the greatness of this religion that united all hearts where your tongue attached continuously in remembrance “Labayk Allâhuma Labayk, Labayk Lâ shareeka Laka Labyk”.
In this great occasion people stand in humility and humbleness, where there is no greatness except Allah’s Greatness and no pride except for Him Exalted.
That’s why ‘Arafa is the greatest pillar of Hajj where Allah Almighty Manifests Himself to His servants, so he descends to the worldly heavens, descending that befits His Loftiness vying in pride with this great gathering in front of the Angels where He says: “Look at my servants, they came to me shabby and dusty”. [Reported by Ibn Khuzaymah 2839 and authenticated by Al-Albani]
«انظروا إلى عبادي جاءوني شعثًا غبرًا» رواه ابن خزيمة 2839 وصحَّحه الألباني
It is the great standing where tears are poured.
These are some of the meanings of Hajj, a drop in a sea, whoever was there from the pilgrims will live this pure atmosphere on the highland of ‘Arafat, in the low land of Muzdalifah, between the mountains of Mina and in the surroundings of the sacred house.
One of the wonders of the pilgrimage of the Messenger of guidance -prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- that he gave a sermon to more than one hundred thousand pilgrim with women and children included. As Shaikh Muhammad Al-M’uaithir said: “He didn’t have any sound blasters to but Allah -The blessed Almighty- made them all hear while sitting in their places”, and he –prayers and peace of Allah be upon him- said on the day of Sacrifice (first day of ‘Eid) to his companions: “Take your rituals (from me), as I am not sure that I am going to perform Hajj after My Hajj (this year).” [Reported by Muslim 1297]
«لتأخذوا مناسككم. فإنِّي لا أدري لعلي لا أحجُّ بعد حجتي هذه» رواه مسلم 1297
So the companions knew that the Messenger of Allah prayers and peace of Allah be upon him is saying farewell to meet his Lord, so they all burst in tears, clamor and weeping that’s why it was called the Farewell Hajj (Hajat Al-Wadâ’).
A believer would stop while reading the text of Hajat al-Wada’, and cannot count what it carries within it of great facts, deep directions, principles and morals. Allah Almighty says: {…This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islâm as your religion…} [Surat Al-Mâ`idah 5:3]
{الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِي وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمُ الإِسْلامَ دِينًا} المائدة: 3
Transliteration: Al-Yawma 'Akmaltu Lakum Dīnakum Wa 'Atmamtu `Alaykum Ni`matī Wa Rađītu Lakumu Al-'Islāma Dīnā
Allah Almighty declared the completion of the creed and the perfection of His Shari’ah, this is the religion.
O Allah accept our sincere deeds for your Kind Countenance, and accept from the pilgrims their Hajj and return them to their lands and hometowns safely and bountiful.
PhD/ Zayd ibn Muhammad Al-Rumani
A member of the faculty in the Islamic University of Muhammad Ibn Su’ood
Ibn Al-`Atheer publishing house
-With slight modification-


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