A day in the life of a fasting person

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Do you like to safeguard yourself from the thirst of 50,000 years on the Day of Judgment?

A day in the life of a fasting person (Ramadan Projects)

In the Name of Allah; and May Allah’s prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah ….My dear brother…. happy blessed year to you
Do you like to safeguard yourself from the thirst of 50,000 years on the Day of Judgment?
When you fast a day in Ramadan, you indeed fast for 14 hours, i.e. nearly 50,000 seconds. Do you imagine how the fast of 50,000 seconds in Ramadan safeguards you from the thirst of 50,000 years on the Day of Judgment? In other words, one second of fasting in Ramadan equals one complete year of scorching heat and thirst on the Day of Judgment.
My dear brother: if you miss Ramadan, you would never compensate it. Does it not suffice you (for grief) each Ramadan you have lost in your life? If you fall, then, stand up once again and despair not. Let it be the last Ramadan in your life, and sharpen your determination and go with us on the following projects as much as you could take.
Project: How to win a Billion in one month
Do you know that by reciting Qur’an entirely once from the beginning to the end in during ordinary days, one receives 3,300,000 good deeds, and an equal number of misdeeds erased from him, in case Allah Almighty accepts his deed from him. In Ramadan, all good deeds are multiplied: the reward of ‘Umrah to be performed in Ramadan is equal to Hajj performed with the Messenger of Allah. What do you expect then the reward of finishing the Qur’an once from the beginning to the end in Ramadan? Surely, it is hundreds of millions of good deeds. Would you then waste them and then show remorse for a single deed on the Day of the great horror? You then would be wealthier than the mobile companies and the multinational groups.
Project: kickoff
Let the start of the month be the strongest, from the first night of Ramadan, sharpen your determination, and insist on making it the night of emancipation from the Hellfire. From the first night by the will of Allah, and every night, immediately after breaking your fast, insist to make it the night of emancipation from the Hellfire. “Every day and night, there are many whom Allah Almighty releases (from the Hellfire).” [Authenticated by Al-Albani]
«إن لله تعالى عتقاء في كل يوم و ليله» صححه الألباني
You have as many as 60 opportunities for emancipation from Hellfire: every day and every night, there is an opportunity. In other words, only one night or one day in Ramadan whose deeds are done perfectly and correctly us sufficient to rescue your whole destiny.
Project: ‘Ramadan has changed me’ (project of preparation for Tarawih)
Prepare the part of the Qur’an you will listen to every night in Tarawih prayer, by reciting it thoughtfully and submissively after ‘Asr prayer. Once you do so, you would sense the great difference in your submissiveness in Tarawih prayer. (This way, you would go on finishing the Qur’an entirely twice simultaneously: you will finish it as listening in Tarawih prayer and as reciting after ‘Asr prayer).
Moreover, if you could read, or listen to a cassette, the commentary on that Part, surely, you will be able to finish the Qur’an entirely for a third time. Who applies the previous in these days? This full recitation is a studying recitation. This way, the change takes place in Ramadan. (The commentary on each section in Tafsir As-Sa‘di is approximately 29 pages).
Project: Keys to Allah’s treasures
Do you know that you have as many as 60 invocations answered to in Ramadan? It means; 60 of your life problems solved, and 60 of your life dreams and wishes come true. “Every day and night, a Muslim has an invocation which receives answer.” [Al-Albani authenticated it by the virtue of another hadith]
«وإن لكل مسلم في كل يوم و ليلة دعوة مستجابة» الألباني، صحيح لغيره
If the richest one in the world gave you 60 blank checks, how delighted would you be? Surely, Allah Almighty is beyond comparison. Allah Almighty gives you 60 invocations that receive answer, one every day and one every night.
Change your life within half an hour. Keep a booklet of supplications in your pocket and read in it begging every day, and waste not the keys of the treasures of Allah Almighty in your life.
Project: Performing Hajj with the Messenger of Allah
“‘Umrah to be performed in Ramadan is equal (in reward) to Hajj to be performed with me.” [Reported by Al-Bukhari]
«عمرة في رمضان تقضي حجة معي» رواه البخاري
No deed makes you in the company of the Messenger of Allah as the Companions, like ‘Umrah performed in Ramadan.
Project: Increasing and extending sustenance
Do you have a problem in sustenance? Do you need a profitable job? Do you need a spouse? Do you need an offspring and children? “He, who likes to have his sustenance extended for him, and his lifetime prolonged for him, let him maintain his kinship ties.” [Authenticated by Al-Albani]
«من سره أن يبسط عليه في رزقه وينسأ في أثره فليصل رحمه» صححه الألباني
Do not forget to prepare a banquet for your Fasting relatives and neighbors to break their fast.
Project: 30 Palaces in Paradise
There are 30 palaces not in the North Coast, nor in the coast of Hawaii or on the Neisse River: but in Paradise. That is, not to fail to perform the daily 12 Rak‘a sunnah Ratibah(supererogatory prayers associated with the obligatory prayers): two before Fajr (obligatory prayer), 4 before and 2 after Dhuhr (obligatory prayer), 2 after Maghrib (obligatory prayer) and 2 after ‘Isha’ (obligatory prayer).
Project of performing Hajj seven times daily in Ramadan
The first 5: do you know that you receive the reward of a prescribed Hajj if you, on hearing Azan, stand up immediately, perform ablution, and hasten to the Masjid and perform the obligatory prayer in congregation? “He, who comes out of his house in a state of ablution to attend a prescribed obligatory prayer (in congregation), will receive a reward like the reward of a Muhrim pilgrim.” [Classified as Hasan (Good) by Al-Albani]
«من خرج من بيته متطهرا إلى صلاة مكتوبة، فأجره كأجر الحاج المحرم» حسنه الألباني
The woman receives the same reward while doing so but in the house, by the will of Allah, if her intention is true in obedience of Allah and His Messenger by abidance in the house willingly.
The sixth Hajj: “He, who performs the Morning (Fajr) prayer in congregation, after which he sits remembering Allah Almighty until sun rises, then stands and prays a two Rak‘as, will return with the reward of Hajj and ‘Umrah.” [Classified as Hasan (Good) by Al-Albani]
«من صلى صلاة الغداة "أي الفجر" في جماعة ثم جلس يذكر الله حتى تطلع الشمس ثم قام فصلى ركعتين انقلب بأجر حجة وعمرة» حسنه الألباني
The session of forenoon alone every day in Ramadan gives you the reward of Hajj and ‘Umrah 30 times.
The seventh Hajj: it is narrated in an authentic Hadith from the Messenger of Allah that to attend a lesson of religious knowledge brings about the reward of Hajj. Perform Tarawih prayer in a Masjid in which a sermon is delivered in the interval between the Rak‘as, for it would equal of a lesson of religious knowledge, by the will of Allah. Is there any rational person to waste Hajj seven times daily?
Project: The lost treasure
Many people waste the hour that follows the Fast break in Ramadan, given that if you utilize it in reciting a part of the Book of Allah daily, you will finish reciting the Qur’an entirely, along the month. What prevents you from receiving the reward of reciting the Qur’an in full? Could anything, like a comic program or a TV interview with an artist, recompense you for that?
Project: Monks of the night (Tahajjud knights)
Read the following brilliant Hadith: “Verily, every night, along the month of Ramadan, Allah Almighty waits until when the first portion of night is over, He descends to the worldly heaven and says: “Is there any asker so that he would be given (what he asks for)? Is there any prayer for forgiveness so that his sins would be forgiven for him? Is there any repentant so that his repentance would be accepted?”” [Chain of transmission is authentic according to Al-Albani]
«عن ابن عباس قال إن الله تعالى ليمهل في شهر رمضان كل ليلة حتى إذا ذهب الليل الأول هبط إلى السماء ثم قال هل من سائل يعطى هل من مستغفر يغفر له هل من تائب يتاب عليه» قال الألباني: إسناده صحيح
What is brilliant here is that Allah Almighty descends every night, other than Ramadan, in the last third of night, according to the most prominent opinion. However, in Ramadan, He Almighty descends in the last two thirds. The greater part of the night in Ramadan then is a very good opportunity for people to relieve themselves of their discomforts, and receive gifts. That’s a non-compensable opportunity, is it?! Sleep if you have no sin (to pray for it being forgiven). Sleep if you have no need to ask Allah. Sleep if you have no longing to be in the presence of Allah in the highest Paradise.
Project: The night of a lifetime
The Night of Decree (laylatul Qadr), 12 hours is better than 1,000 months, i.e. 720,000 hours, or approximately 0.75 million hours. This means that only an hour in it is better than 60,000 hours. The reward of reciting a single Qur’anic Verse is better than the reward of reciting 60,000 Qur’anic Verses, and a single Rak‘a during it is better than 60,000 Rak‘as, and serving a fasting person with food and drink to break his fast in it is better (in reward) than serving food and drink to 60,000 fasting persons to break their fast on any other normal night. “Verily, whoever is deprived of its good has indeed been deprived of all good.” [Reported by An-Nasa’i and authenticated by Al-Albani]
 «من حرم خيرها فقد حرم» رواه النسائى وصححه الألباني
It is indeed the night of a lifetime. During it, give some water or food to break the fast of a fasting person, maintain kinship ties even at least by phone, make peace with your adversaries even by phone, and recite the Qur’an and persist in prayer until your feet are cleft, as the Messenger of Allah did. The best act of worship on it is to pardon such as has wronged you, and ask Allah for pardon, for reward always resembles the deed: “O Allah! You are ever Pardoning, and like pardon, so, please, pardon us.”
Project: The Fast Insurance
Whereas serving food to every fasting person means you have fasted another day in Ramadan, and where as one day is multiplied by ten, then, to serve breakfast to 36 fasting individual means you have fasted 360 days, i.e. you have turned the whole year into Ramadan. Do not forget: to present Ramadan package, place the date boxes in the Masjid, give dates to the fasting persons to break their fast while you are going to the Masjid, take part in the project of serving breakfast to the fasting people on the main roads and stations through money and effort. After all this, glad tidings of Countless Ramadans as reward in the scale of your good deeds.
Project: Da‘wah Knights
Ramadan is the most suitable season in which every sinner likes to listen to religion. Therefore, we should seize that great opportunity. Endeavor, with your money and effort, to distribute cassettes and CDs (of religious topics) on the non-practicing, drivers in the stations and storekeepers, and take pledge from them that they should listen to them. Distribute the high quality small-sized Mus-hafs in Ramadan for free and ask them to read in them. Call two of your companions (to good) along the month, so that their good deeds would be added to your scale of good deeds.
Project: Knights of Ramadan
Pledge to Allah, in Ramadan, to repent every day from a particular sin and not to return to it forever, by the will of Allah. On the first day, pledge to Allah to give up smoking. On the second day, pledge to Allah to avoid mixing (with women). On the third day, pledge to Allah to abandon all unlawful songs. Purify your mobile and HD from anything that displeases Allah: and so. (in order to be able to carry out all of this, shun both monitors in Ramadan, i.e. the net and the dish).
Project: Female Knights of Ramadan
The complete Hijab should be worn during Ramadan, I mean the Shari‘ah-recognized Hijab, the Hijab of ‘A’ishah and Fatimah, may Allah be pleased with them. If you do not enter into the mercy of Allah (in Ramadan) where all gates of Paradise, all gates of mercy, and all gates of the seven heavens are opened, then, when will you do?
Project: Intensive Care Unit (the I‘tikaf during the last ten days of Ramadan)
How many youths whose lives have entirely switched because of I‘tikaf, and the writer of those lines is one of them! Observe I‘tikaf in a Masjid where there are devoted Du‘ah(religious preachers or tutors) to teach you in those days. (Be keen on I‘tikaf, and leave it not).
Project: Knights of Remembrance
“Subhanallah; al-hamdu lillah; la ilaha illallah; and Allahu akbar (May Allah be Glorified, All praise to him, There is no God except for Allah and Allah is the Greatest)” are the dearest of words to Allah Almighty. For every word uttered, worth a tree as a reward in paradise. Each word is greater in the Sight of Allah than the mountain of Uhud. For every word you utter, rises in the heavens to the throne you will be mentioned with it at the presence of Allah. Say those words during the session of forenoon, and while you are walking on the way, and waste not their great reward.
What should take place after Ramadan?
During your I‘tikaf, pledge to Allah to do an act of worship regularly, which you would never leave after Ramadan: (fasting, standing (in prayer) for an hour every night, a daily Qur’anic devotional recital). Pledge to him to support Islam in any respect through which you could vow your life to support religion, until each part of Ramadan leads to a point of real change in your relation with Allah Almighty.
Our dear Brothers and sisters in Islam living in the Western countries: let nothing diverts you from Allah in Ramadan, and do not forget to invite non-Muslims to Islam, with your words, manners and supplication for them.
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