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Picturing the northerners as oppressors and slave hunters, The enemy grasped the opportunity to flare up this hatred between these two parties through using some of these individual incidents, false reports etc... their efforts turned positive, war rising b

O Muslims

Media agencies are circulating these days in there news bulletins that there will be a referendum held in South Sudan…..!!
After this referendum….the fate of this area will be defined..!!
Will it lead to choosing the independence of the southern part and the rise of a new Christian state…?? Which is the most probable scenario…??!
Or will it remain as a part of the state of Sudan…??
Let’s take a quick look on the history of the South of Sudan
1-   This area is situated in the west to Ethiopia, that Islam entered in the past before the immigration Hijrah of the prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, when the first Muslims made their first Hijrah to Al-Habasha (Ethiopia now).
Negus Al-Najashi, King of Ethiopia embraced Islam at the time. The Messenger of Allah prayers and peace of Allah be upon him and his companions May Allah be pleased with them prayed on him Salatul Ghaib when he died.
2-   It’s constituted of different group of ethnicities, in addition to its main population of African descents there are tribes from the Arab peninsula residing in the region in batches.
The first one started by the Semitic migration to the region of the Nile valley and its surroundings, then by the Islamic conquest and lastly by the new conquests made by the ottoman caliphates led by Muhammad Ali Basha.
After that it was occupied by the British Empire until the rise of the republic of Sudan in 1956.
3-   The rise of kingdoms in Darfur: The Fur and Fung kingdoms were Islamic kingdoms continued till the British occupation.
Picture: A palace that goes back to one of Darfur’s Islamic Sultans.
South Sudan in numbers
1-   The region of South Sudan is estimated to be 700000 square kilometers, constituting 28% of the total area of the Sudanese land (about 30 times the size of Kuwait).
2-   Its population is as follows: 7 million …..30% Muslims, 7% Christians and the rest are followers of other different pagan religions.
3-   The language: Its people speak Arabic as well as English, in addition to other local languages and dialects.
4-   The land of South Sudan is blessed with a lot of richness and wealth, apparent and hidden. The land is constituted of the following: 40% cattle, 30% Agriculture, 30% untouched forests and 7% lakes and aquatic patches.
5-   It rains for 250 days annually, and running through it hundreds of big and small rivers.
6-   Wealth of different kinds that the land contains like oil, minerals specifically gold, copper and other precious metals.
7-   This land is said to be flowing on billions of barrels of crude oil left without extraction.
Considering all these privileges and wealth, enemies of this nation worked on taking over these regions and the like through Christianization.
They particularly concentrate their christening efforts on the people of these regions, which didn’t attain its fruits except with pagans in small numbers reaching 7% as a Christian population.
They achieved through rumors, ignorance, poverty and some sell-out ruling systems in creating an atmosphere of hatred between the northern Muslims and the southern mercenaries (Christianized individuals).
Picturing the northerners as oppressors and slave hunters, The enemy grasped the opportunity to flare up this hatred between these two parties through using some of these individual incidents, false reports etc… their efforts turned positive, war rising between northerners and southerners for 21 whole years exhausting both parties.
The casualties of this war were approximately 2 million, and 4 million being homeless.
The enemies from the Zionists and cross followers supply and equip warriors in the south with money and weapon. Promising them with high status and posts until the Nifasha (city in Ethiopia) treaty six years ago states a referendum that will be held to decide the status of this region, in other words referendum to detach this Muslim land to be a Christian state that declares war on Islam and Muslims…!!
Warning: The Zionists also support the independence of the south because they want to constrict on Muslims everywhere, in Egypt and Sudan to stop the flow of the river Nile to more than 120 million Muslims..!!
The Muslim stance from this referendum…!!
What is the new Christian state…!!
One: - Many Muslims heard about this referendum, but it didn’t affect him one bit which is a dangerous attitude..!!
What’s happening in the south - South Sudan – is similar to what happened in Andalusia, Palestine and other parts of Muslim lands.
Two: - It’s not allowed for a Muslim to accept what is said to be the Self-determination referendum. As the status of an Islamic land isn’t determined by a certain ruling system or the choice of a group of people, it’s the land of Allah Glorified and Exalted be He, and its fate is in His hands Almighty…
It’s a Muslim land, we cannot accept losing it under any circumstance, excuse or pressure…
Note: Sixty Muslim scholars issued a fatwa forbidding accepting the detachment of the south on the grounds of it being a Muslim land, a question comes to mind “Where are the rest of Muslim Scholars??” Allah is sufficient for us, and how fine a trustee (He is).
Three: - In case this – Separatist Christian state – rises, Muslims must treat it as an occupied state equally like the Zionists that occupied the land of Palestine…!!
Note: The results of the referendum under process – in South Sudan – are known from the early stages in favor of the independence as a reaction to the made up civil war by the following players:
Enemies of the nation, their followers in addition to their control on the government of South Sudan that is supported by some occupying forces controlling this area, moreover the so called international inspectors are pre-programmed to support the independence and all of them wish to:-
1-   Splitting Sudan
2-   Breaking down Sudan
3-   Weakening Muslims
Four: - What’s happening and still persisting in south Sudan could happen in any other location like Darfur, or any other Muslim country. We have to be careful for our future and coming days and Allah will not change the condition of people as long as they do not change their state themselves.
Lastly:- Allah…Allah is our sake in making supplication for our Muslim brothers in all the world and specifically our brothers in South Sudan as they are approaching the doors of great afflictions and trials..!!
We ask Allah Almighty to Aid them, keep them steadfast and to give them victory over their Enemy –and all Muslims. He is the Most Sufficient for this and Over Everything Omnipotent.
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