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O beloved, at a time when millions of people in the world die because of poverty, hunger, disease, and war, governments spend billions of dollars on football players, coaches, and stadiums. They hope for a victory in the football war and for winning the World Cup.


O beloved, at a time when millions of people in the world die because of poverty, hunger, disease, and war, governments spend billions of dollars on football players, coaches, and stadiums. They hope for a victory in the football war and for winning the World Cup.

If we look into the matter, where every Islamic country (if not all) is suffering from the risk of famines, floods, diseases, wars and other disasters, we will see them, as well, spending billions of dollars for the sake of winning the cup. Here, we all see that with the announcement of any football tournament, whether local or international; millions of Muslims rally around TV screens to follow these matches. They are being oblivious to wars and massacres against the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and other countries. They are being oblivious to the issues of poverty, hunger, and diseases. Such problems and issues face the Muslims in Somalia, Niger, Sudan, and others.

The standpoint of Islam towards sports

It was authenticated that the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, had said: «Your body has a right over you.» [Al-Bukhari]
«فإن لجسدك عليك حقا» البخاري

He has said these words to soothe the anger of people who were angry for his sake, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him.
The Prophet has also witnessed horse races and arrow throwing. He has ridden saddled and unsaddled horses. He wrestled with Rukanah, may Allah be pleased with him, and won the match. All of this is because of his modesty, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him.

Islam approved of sports and encouraged practicing it. However, that should be within the fair framework developed by Islam for the benefit of all Muslims. Sports is of no value in Islam except if it leads to the good of the Muslim and his interests. Such interests are based on ethics, humility, and love.

Whereas we find the reality of sports today (which are far from the teachings of Islam), especially football, is full of sin, evil, and prohibitions. However, this should lead to prohibiting playing it. The following are some of these evils.

Some of the evils that occur during practicing and watching football

Firstly, some religious evils

Secondly, it exposes the body parts that should be covered. It causes the intermingling between men and women. It contains songs and dancing. It includes kisses and hugs between men and women in case of winning, and curses and abuses in case of losing.

Thirdly, it includes wearing shirts and holding banners that have imprints of the image of the cross.

Fourthly, it includes gambling and betting.
It also involves giving bribes to some of the referees and players that no one knows except Allah Almighty.

Fifthly, it involves rave parties that are held in honor of the winning team, where wine is drunk, money is squandered, and other violations are committed.

Sixthly, it includes pagan traditions.
This concerns the Olympic Games. In ancient times in Athens, the capital of Greece, a Grand Temple was built for the king of Greek gods, Zeus. A playground was built beside the temple where people could draw nearer to this god through games.

Sports were some sort of worship of the gods. This god had a festival that was repeated every four years. The Greeks glorified it; they considered it one of their biggest holy festivals. In this festival, they launched the torch, the symbol of the immortality of the gods, according to them. Nowadays, here are the masses of sportsmen and sportswomen from the entire Islamic countries mobilize to pass the sacred fire of the Greeks.

This is the reality of the Olympics: pure paganism, complete association to others in worshipping Allah. What is your standpointn, O Muslims?

Seventhly, it includes the lack of interest about the matters of the Muslims, and distracting them from the crucial issues: the siege of their fellow Muslims in Gaza, the issues of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, the Philippines, and others. In a time when the nation suffers from all this, we see the young Muslims dancing with joy because of winning a cup (like the one thrown in the trash) that has no value.

We observe that the leaders of the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine, or what is known today as Israel, do not really care about sports. We have never heard that they have a strong football team, for example. That is because they do not want their youth to be distracted by anything but fighting the Muslims. On the contrary, we are interested in sports, music, and singing, while we do not really care about our crucial matters. Truly, to Allah we belong, and unto Him we shall return.

Secondly, some economic prohibitions

}Secondly, it involves the waste of time. The workers, staff, senior state officials, and other public often leave their work to watch the games. This leads to the weakening of working power and production.

Thirdly, some social prohibitions

Firstly, it involves dangers on the bodies of the players. This occurs because of the crashes among players. Most often, the players do not end their match without some of them falling unconscious in the field of play. There is always a broken leg or hand. This happens because of staying away from the Islamic spirit, (not the spirit of sport, as they say). This is evidenced in the need for an ambulance standing next to the stadium at the time of the match.

Secondly, there is encouragement to addiction and acts of disobedience. Many of the athletes have represented bad examples to our young Muslims, because of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as getting accustomed to insults, battery, and bad manners.

Fifthly, some psychological prohibitions

There is a risk on the relationship among countries, such as what happened between Egypt and Algeria in 2009. The injuries that occurred between the fans have almost cut off the relations between the two Muslims peoples. There was also a war that broke out because of a football match between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969, where almost 500 people were killed.
All the previous along with a lot of other precautions are to be considered.

Many Muslims would like to be football players; those are committing a sin without knowing it. That is because they are hoping for what involves sins and evil.
Watch out – O loved ones – because the rewards of deeds are according to the intentions.

Finally, here is the advisory opinion of the Committee of Senior scholars

On the Day of Judgment, man will not be asked about his state with football.
He will be asked about his prayers, obligations, acts of disobedience, and violations. The Prophet, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, has said, «That Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said: ... My servants, these for you I shall reward you for thern, so he who deeds of yours which I am recording finds good should praise Allah and he who does not find that should not blame anyone but his ownself.» [Muslim]
We ask Allah Almighty to make all the Muslims among those who benefit from their times in all that is good and beneficial. He is the Able to do that.

Is this goal the thing that will admit us to Paradise?
Or is it eliminating our poverty, or freeing our land?


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