Stay Home...Stay Safe...Prophetic Instructions in the Time of Plague

Stay Home...Stay Safe...Prophetic Instructions in the Time of Plague
عن عقبة بن عامر رضي الله عنه قال: قُلتُ: يا رسولَ اللهِ، ما النَّجاةُ؟ قال: املِكْ عليك لِسانَكَ، ولْيَسَعْكَ بَيتُكَ، وابْكِ على خَطيئتِكَ.Narrated by Uqbah bin Amer, May Allah be pleased with him, I ... more


Converting to Islam is easy. This article explains how to convert and become a Muslim in a simple way. In addition to that, it gives a brief overview of Islam, the faith of 1.7 billion people, and sheds light on the benefits of converting. ... more

The Qur'an: An Eternal Challenge

        This book is unique in its approach to the Qur'an. It argues the point that only God could author such a book and that Muhammad could have never produced anything like ... more
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Non-Definition Of The Word God’ In Atheism

is the only Sovereign, Self-Existing, non-created Being to whom everything else owes its existence and completely depends on for survival and power ... more

How many 'Sons' does God have?

        Many people tell us "but the Bible clearly says that Jesus is the Son of God. How can you say that Jesus is not God's only begotten son when Jesus says it so clearly in black and white in the Bible?" Well, first of all, as seen in the previous section, we first need to know the ... Continue Reading

The first ten days of Zul-Hijjah

The prophet (peace be upon him) said "No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these (first ten days of Zul-Hijjah). ... more

How the Qur'an Differs From the Bible

It is a common allegation by Christians that the Qur'an is a mere copy of the Bible; that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) simply plagiarized "his" book from the pages of the Bible. ... more

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