Insulting scholars and pursuing their defects are blameworthy

Abdullah ibn Al Mubarak, the master of the science of Hadith who died in 181 AH, was asked: Who are the best among people?

He said: Scholars.

It was asked: Who are the best among kings?

He said: The ascetics.

Somebody asked: Who are the low people[1]?

He said: Those who replace religion with the ...

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Rights of the Prophet (pbuh)

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-`Uthaymeen
Rights Basic to the Natural Human Consitution and Affirmed by Divine Laws
© 1994 The Daar of Islamic Heritage

Rights of the Prophet are the most important, after the rights of Allah. There is no human who has more rights than the Prophet. Allah ...

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The Muslim woman path to happiness

The most important thing that characterizes Muslims; whether a man or a woman, whose hearts are attached to Allah, and who apply His Shari'a (set of laws) in their lives, is the psychological ease and inward tranquility. ... more

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