doubt [Chapter 03: Doubt over ...


[Chapter 03: Doubt over Unfaithfulness
]( over Unfaithfulness...

Katrina didn’t stay as late in the church as usual. She sat waiting for George’s return, for he in fact was the one who was unusually late. On his arrival she greeted him at the door and asked him about the reason for his delay... His eyes came into contact with hers and he immediately remembered her relationship with Tom and how she had hid the fact that Tom had contacted her. But he didn’t inquire about that and decided to do that later. He said:

•George: I went to meet the waiter that I mentioned to you earlier, and we had dinner together.• Katrina: How was the meeting? Do you still have the same opinion about him?•George: It was a wonderful meeting. He is a student of theology, but he speaks in a way that is very simple, easy, convincing...•Katrina: Enough...enough, what’s all that! You seem to admire him very much. Ha ha ha! But this is what one naturally expects?! It is very normal for someone who is studying theology to be like that. What did he say to you?•George: His words were similar to those of the old man whom I met when I was on my way to commit suicide, you remember him?•Katrina: Yes!!