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A Day and a Night in Ramadan: Worship of the Night

This prayer is held immediately after the night prayer, which is performed when the last traces of dusk disappear. ... more

A Day and a Night in Ramadan (part 2 of 2)

Worship of the Night.. Description: A typical night in the life of a Muslim in Ramadan ... more

Salaah at-Taraaweeh (The Night Prayer) & I'tikaaf

Taraaweeh literally means ?rest pauses.? This name was given in later generations to the night prayer during Ramadaan because of the pause observed after every four rak?ahs (units of prayer). ... more

Tarawih Recitation


Tarawih Recitation: A message to all Imams
I call upon committee members and Imāms to seek the pleasure of Allah and not the pleasure of their congregation.
Imāms should respect the Qur’ān when leading the Tarāwīḥ Prayer
The greatest favor bestowed upon ...
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Taraweeh Prayer

The Taraweeh prayers... Its merit – The reasons that facilitate it – Mistakes committed in it ... more

A different Ramadan this year

Ramadan is the month of victory in all levels... Ramadan is a chance to enhance our personalities to the better... That's why we have devised for you fellow Muslim observing fast, a daily program. ... more

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