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The Heart’s & Body’s Relief Lies in Obeying Allah

The servant surrenders and submits himself before his Lord and Master and emerges in a state of quietude and peace, looking on at Him with his heart; his soul at rest. ... more

A Message to my heart

“There is an organ in the body, if it becomes virtuous, all the body will be virtuous, and if it is defected, all the body will become defected, this Organ is the Heart.” [Agreed upon] ... more

Why do I keep my beard?

I keep my beard (as it is) for this is out of the Fitrah on which Allah Almighty created men. ... more

How to be a good wife?

The Prophet, Prayers and peace of Allâh be upon him, also said: “If a woman offers her five (daily prayers) and fasts her month and guards her private parts and obeys her husband, it will be said to her: Enter Paradise from whichever of its gates you wish.” ... more

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